Cash for Scrap Cars in 5 Corners, Abbotsford

scrap car removal 5 Corners, Abbotsford

Selling a car privately can be a real nightmare. Constant messages, viewings that don’t result in a sale, and people who try to lowball you on the value. Now, if the vehicle you’re selling is old, has mechanical or electrical problems, or any kind of damage, it can be nearly impossible. That’s why you should turn to More Cash For Scrap. We offer MORE cash for scrap cars than any other junk car buyer in Abbotsford.

Plus, we always offer free scrap car towing services, same day vehicle removal, and the best customer service in the industry. Come see why we are Abbotsford’s first choice for scrap car removal!

5 Corners Scrap Car Removal Company

Since 2005, we’ve been the top paying and #1 scrap car removal company in the 5 Corners area. Additionally, we’ve been #1 throughout all of Abbotsford and the entire Fraser Valley. This is because we treat our customers right and provide the very best services.

What We Offer:

  • Free and INSTANT offers on all scrap vehicles
  • Same day scrap car pick-up
  • Free towing service from anywhere in the Fraser Valley
  • Professional, licensed, and reliable junk car buying services
  • Roadside accident vehicle removal
  • The best customer service in the scrap car removal industry
  • MORE cash for scrap cars than any other scrap car buyer in Abbotsford

We even buy scrap vehicles from out of the province and out of the country. No matter what condition, or where it’s from, we’ll buy it. Also, we’ll pay MORE cash for it than any of our competitors.

Cash for Damaged Cars 5 Corners

If you’ve got a scrap car to sell, we want to buy it. However, sometimes a scrap car isn’t old, worn-out, or rusted.

Sometimes it’s the product of a bad accident. Or something else catastrophic like a fire or flood. We are always happy to buy those vehicles too. No matter how badly your car is damaged, we’ll take it off your hands.

The great news is that we buy those types of vehicles too! Water damage, fire damage, collision damage, interior damage, you name it. If it’s wrecked, we will pay you MORE cash for it! That’s why we are the Fraser Valley’s first choice for everything scrap car related. No one will offer you MORE cash for scrap cars in 5 Corners than we will.

How Can I Get MORE Cash for Scrap Cars in Abbotsford?

All it takes is a simple call, text, or email to be on your way to getting MORE cash for scrap cars in Abbotsford. Just provide our scrap car removal specialists with a few basic details about the vehicle you’re scrapping.

Things we need to know:

  • What make is it?
  • What model is it?
  • How many kilometers does it have? (Not a big deal if you can’t get that info, we know some cars are pretty dead)
  • Does it have paperwork? (Also, not a big deal if you don’t have it, we can sort that out for you)
  • Where is it parked? (it’s okay if it’s in an underground parkade, we just want to know what we’re dealing with before we get there so we can be prepped and ready for your scrap car removal)
  • Does it start? (We can bring a battery if it doesn’t start simply because yours is dead)

Once you provide one of our team members with these details, they’ll make you an INSTANT cash offer right then over the phone. Then, once you accept the offer, we’ll arrange a day and time for our free scrap car towing service to come collect your car. It’s that easy!

Abbotsford Auto Wreckers


There are many ways to scrap a car these days in the Fraser Valley. However, there is only one scrap car removal company who ensures that your vehicle is recycled to the max, while keeping it’s car recycling practices truly ethical.. It’s More Cash For Scrap.

We utilize local metal recycling companies, salvage yards, scrap yards, and even provide parts to student mechanics programs to help reduce the actual waste that comes from scrapping a junk vehicle. By doing this, we are keeping MORE of your vehicle out of the local landfills, and help reduce our carbon footprint.

It’s with this initiative and integral work practices that we help keep the Fraser Valley as wild, natural, and beautiful as it is meant to be. And we do this all while paying MORE cash for scrap cars in 5 corners! We always pay MORE!

Recycle Your Car for MORE Cash in 5 Corners

We are the Fraser Valley’s top selection when it comes to recycling cars for cash. We work with great local services like our friends at Fraser Valley Metal. These guys are the pros when it comes to recycling scrap cars, and they do it in the most environmentally friendly way possible.


Plus, when we recycle cars with them, we are helping to support local businesses, while ensuring that MORE of your car stays out of the landfill. Thus, you end up with MORE cash in your pocket! That’s why if you want the most cash for scrap cars in 5 Corners, Abbotsford, you’ll want More Cash For Scrap.

Contact Our Scrap Car Removal Specialists Today

We know that life can get busy, and taking care of things like scrap car removal can seem daunting. However, stop putting it off because More Cash For Scrap is here to help!

Car disposal can be quick and easy, and we’re here to prove that. We are the pros when it comes to junk car removal and we make the process of scrapping a car quick, easy, and completely painless. Not only that, we make it profitable!

Give us a call today to find out how much your scrap car, truck, SUV, or van is worth. Call at breakfast, it’ll be gone by lunch! And you’ll be left with MORE cash for scrap cars in your pocket than with any of our competitors.