Brentwood Park Scrap Car Removal Services

Burnaby Brentwood Park scrap car removal

Old car taking up space in your garage or driveway? Downsizing to one of the new condo towers in the Brentwood area and have one too many cars?

We can help by removing your old, unwanted or damaged car throughout the Burnaby region of British Columbia and paying you cash. You can reach us by phone or text or through various social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

With a few painless questions we can provide an instant quote based on real time data to arrive at a mutually agreed upon price for your scrap or used car. Price varies based on year, make, model as well as engine size and the weight of your vehicle. When we arrive at an agreed upon price we will dispatch our tow truck allowing a quick pick up process causing less stress and hassle to you.

Same day junk car removal can be arranged and we will pay you cash before your car is loaded onto our truck. We offer free towing and license plate removal. Valid license plates can then be returned to your local insurance specialist which includes a few autoplan dealers in the Brentwood Town Centre Mall. If for some reason your license plates are no longer valid, they can be left on the car.