Junk Car Removal in Kanaka Way

Junk Car Removal Maple Ridge

Does an old, unwanted truck sitting in your driveway keep weighing on your mind? Is your daily driver racking up equal parts mileage and repair bills that are getting tough to keep on top of? Do you have a collision damaged vehicle that nobody wants to buy because it’s virtually nothing but scrap metal now? If so, you need the junk car removal services of More Cash For Scrap.

We have been buying scrap cars in the Kanaka Way area of Maple Ridge since 2005. And nobody knows MORE about scrapping cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans than we do. We have the process of recycling junk cars turned into a fine art. Which is why Maple Ridge residents choose our junk car removal services over any others.

If you want MORE customer service, a MORE flexible scrap car pickup schedule, and MORE cash for scrap cars, scrap your car with More Cash For Scrap. We always pay MORE!

Why Does Maple Ridge Choose Our Junk Car Buying Services?

With so many different ways to scrap a car nowadays, you might be wondering why the residents of Kanaka Way choose our scrap car buying services over any other junk car removal company. Most likely, it’s because we offer MORE of everything!

What We Offer:

  • Instant cash offers on all scrap vehicles over the phone or thru text
  • Same day auto scrap pickup
  • Free scrap car removal & car disposal
  • A professional, licensed, and reliable scrap car buying service
  • The best customer service in the junk car removal industry
  • MORE cash for scrap cars than the other guys!

We provide quick and easy junk car removal services that help keep Maple Ridge green and clean. Our eco-friendly car recycling services ensure that at least 85% of your vehicle will be fully recycled, reused, or repurposed. That means only 15% of your car ends up in local landfills. That’s MORE than other scrap car removal companies can do!

Maple Ridge Scrap Car Buyers

Scrap car removal in Kanaka Way, Maple Ridge

You might think that junk car removal is about nothing more than simply sending an old, rusty vehicle to the local scrapyard or metal recycling depot. However, over the years, things in the junk car removal industry have changed quick a bit.

Recycling your unwanted vehicles is much more about helping preserve our environment, while also reducing our overall carbon footprint. And in places like Maple Ridge that are famous for all of the exceptional hiking, lakes, and scenic views, protecting the environment is at the top of everyone’s list.

This is why when you choose the scrap car removal services of More Cash For Scrap, you’re also choosing to do your part in protecting the local ecosystems. Our junk car removal services ensure that whatever can be recycled on your vehicle is, while also disposing of any harmful chemicals and toxins in the safest way possible.

Our diligence in recycling scrap cars is part of why we are always able to offer MORE cash for scrap cars than any other junk car removal company in Maple Ridge. We don’t let anything go to waste, and that helps to put MORE cash back in your pocket. It’s why we always pay MORE!

Maple Ridge Scrap Car Removal Services

Scrap Car Buyers Maple Ridge

Selling your car nowadays can be a pretty daunting task. However, if that vehicle is anything but perfect, it can seem impossible. People use every opportunity to deduct money from your selling price. Even when the mechanical issues that your car has are small. But when you’ve got a major issue like a blown transmission, blown head gasket, or a dead engine, people pretty much want the vehicle for free.

That’s where More Cash For Scrap is different. We know where the value lies in the vehicles we buy, even if they have some pretty big issues that come along with them. Plus, because we buy primarily scrap cars, you won’t ever have to worry about having to bring your junk car to our scrapyard, because we come to you and provide free towing services.

Our same day scrap car pickup service is offered 7 days a week, day and evening, and we even work most statutory holidays too. That’s just one more way that we make scrap car removal in Kanaka Way even easier for our customers!

What Types of Scrap Cars Do We Buy in Maple Ridge?

When it comes to buying scrap cars for cash, we’re the professionals. After all, we’ve been scrapping cars since 2005 in Maple Ridge. Also, we are experts at getting the most out of every car we recycle. That’s why we are always able to offer MORE cash than the other guys!

We Buy All Kinds of Scrap Vehicles in ANY Condition

  • Scrap cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and buses
  • Vehicles with collision damage
  • ICBC write-offs
  • Vehicles with major mechanical issues
  • Cars and trucks with electrical problems
  • Vehicles left on the roadside after an accident
  • Car without wheels, keys, or registration
  • Vehicles that can’t pass inspection
  • Junkers with extensive rust, mould, mildew, or corrosion
  • Collision cars with deployed airbags or bent frames
  • Any unwanted vehicle for ANY reason!

You might think that your vehicle isn’t worth a penny because it’s been involved in an accident, was written off, or can’t be insured because it can’t pass a vehicle inspection. However, More Cash For Scrap will be happy to show you that you too deserve MORE cash for scrap cars in ANY kind of condition. We always pay MORE!

How Much Is My Junk Vehicle Worth?

Cash for scrap cars

Every car, truck, SUV, van, or even bus that we scrap has a very different value because we base our offers on the specifics of your vehicle. Whereas other junk car removal companies may present offers based off of the make and model, we go deeper into our considerations.

Provide our junk car removal team with the make, model, year, condition, mileage, and location of your vehicle. If you have done recent repairs or upgrades, let us know that too. Or, if your vehicle is in need of repairs or upgrades, advise our scrap car removal specialists when you speak with them over the phone.

We will take all of this information and formulate an offer that is tailored to your specific vehicle. We provide instant cash offers right over the phone. If you accept our offer, we’ll arrange a day and time for our free auto scrap pickup service to come collect your car. Our driver will then pay you cash in hand before leaving with your vehicle.

Contact Our Junk Car Removal Team Today

Scrap Car Removal Services

Our junk car removal specialists work 7 days a week to provide the best scrap car removal services in Maple Ridge. We are people too, and we have families and responsibilities too, which is why we go the extra mile to offer MORE flexibility in our junk car removal process.

Whatever day you require, wherever your junk car is parked, and whatever reason you’re scrapping it, we have you covered. We offer MORE customer service, MORE flexibility, and MORE cash for scrap cars than the other guys.

If you’re tired of seeing a junky old vehicle sitting in your driveway, garage, or even on your lawn day after day, give us a call. We can provide you with an instant cash offer right over the phone, and pick up your car the very same day. And unlike the other junk car removal companies in Maple Ridge, we always pay MORE!