Junk Car Removal Dunbar

Dunbar scrap car removal servicesDo you have an older vehicle that has had more than its fair share of mechanical issues? Does it have a mystery electrical problem that no mechanic, not even our friends at Tremblay Motors, can seem to get to the bottom of? Has your car been in an accident or two (or three) and now it’s at the point where it’s not safe to be on the road? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you should turn to the junk car removal services of More Cash For Scrap.

Since 2005, we’ve been the leading scrap car removal company in Dunbar, because we know how to get the most out of the vehicles we scrap. We have a lower overhead than any other scrap car buyer in Dunbar, so we are able to offer MORE cash for scrap cars than any of our competitors.

Dunbar Junk Car Removal

We’ve been the leaders in paying cash for scrap cars in and around Dunbar since 2005. We live and work in Vancouver, which makes finding a local scrap car buyer that much easier because we are already one of your neighbours. Plus, after spending many years building a great reputation amongst the community, you know you’ve got the best scrap car buyer when you choose us.

What We Offer:

  • Free and instant offers on all junk cars
  • Same day scrap car pick-up
  • Free towing services for all scrap car removals
  • A professional, licensed, reliable junk car buying service
  • The best customer service in the scrap car removal industry
  • MORE cash for scrap cars than any other scrap car buyer in Dunbar

If you are asking yourself, “where’s the best junk car buyer near me?”, you’ve already got the answer; More Cash For Scrap. We are the best because we are committed to being the best, and we do that by providing the very best customer service experience with each and every transaction we do.

Free Scrap Car Pickup in Dunbar, Vancouver

Dunbar junk vehicle recycling and towingIt doesn’t matter if you’re scrapping a junk car, a scrappy truck, a worn-out minivan, or an SUV that’s had a little too much sport and utility use over the years; we’ll buy it in ANY condition and we’ll pay MORE cash for it than any of our competitors will. That’s why the people of Dunbar choose us every time they need scrap car removal services that offer free scrap car pickup like we do!

We never really understood why some scrap car removal companies charge for scrap car pickup, and why they think that when someone is scrapping a car, it’s still drivable. More often than not our clients’ cars do not drive and aren’t even insured if they do, so why not provide a free towing service to the very people who are helping to make your business thrive and grow?

The cost of having a tow truck deliver your junk car to a car scrapyard or to a scrap car recycling company could cost upwards of hundreds of dollars. By offering a free towing service for all our scrap car removals, we are helping our customers keep that money in their pockets, while doing business that is good for everybody. This is why Vancouver residents use our cash for cars service again and again over any other!

Scrap Car Removal Company in Dunbar

People scrap cars for cash for many different reasons. When you’re choosing a scrap car removal company, you want to choose one that is open to pretty much any kind of vehicle in any condition. More Cash For Scrap is just such a scrap car removal company.

Whether it’s a car, truck, SUV, or van that you’re wanting to sell for cash, we’re happy to buy it, no matter what kind of issues it may have.

Types of Junk Cars We Buy:

  • Vehicles that have been in an accident (or several)
  • Vehicles with body or paint damage
  • Vehicles with interior damage from pets, fires, floods, etc
  • Vehicles with mold, mildew, and rust
  • ICBC Write-Offs
  • Vehicles without keys or registration
  • Vehicles with mechanical or electrical issues

There are a million different reasons why perfectly good vehicles become scrap cars, and we are here for all your scrap car selling needs, no matter what the reason. If you have any kind of unwanted vehicle for absolutely any reason, we’ll buy it from you for MORE cash than any other local junk car buyer in Dunbar will.

Dunbar’s Favourite Local Scrap Car Buyer

We’ve been in the scrap car removal business for a really long time, and over the years we’ve made some really great friends. Working with other local businesses is just a small part of why we are the best local junk car buyer in Dunbar. We believe that you get out of something what you put in to it. We help the local economy by partnering with great local businesses like our friends at Art’s Auto who use our scrap car removal services for vehicles that are beyond repair. This helps us establish valuable working relationships across the community, and it helps other local companies thrive as well.

Great business starts with great people, and we don’t just mean our team of dedicated and friendly scrap car buyers; we mean the very customers we provide scrap car removal to in Dunbar, Vancouver! Whether it’s a business we’re working with, or a resident of this wonderful community, we appreciate and truly value each and every one of our customers. That’s why we offer free towing services on all scrap car removals, and we pay MORE cash for scrap cars than anyone else in Metro Vancouver.

Car Scrapping Made Easy in Dunbar

Our junk car removal service can be done in as little as 30 minutes from the time you phone us to the time our tow truck driver is driving away with your junk car. We take the headache out of having a scrap car removal done, and with our free towing service why wouldn’t you want us doing your scrap car removal? Why pay to have a vehicle towed away when you can get paid to have it towed away with our scrap car removal services? Our drivers live and work in the areas we service, so they can often times come pick up your vehicle within minutes of you calling. We can also book a specific time with you to work around your schedule.

Contact Our Junk Car Removal Specialists Today

All it takes is a simple phone call or text to get the ball rolling. We can usually offer same day scrap car pick up and our junk car removal services are always free. All we need from you are a few basic details about the junk car that you’re wanting to scrap.

What We Need from You:

  • The make and model of the junk car you are scrapping
  • The year of the vehicle
  • The condition it’s in (some vehicles can get MORE cash when parts are in good shape)
  • The number of kilometers on the vehicle (if you’re still able to retrieve them)
  • Where you are located (or where the junk car is located, if it’s at a different location than where you live)

Once you give our scrap car buyers these basic details, they can provide you with a free and instant cash offer. If you accept the offer, we can dispatch our free towing service the same day, sometimes within the hour. Or, if you have a specific day and time you want to arrange for your scrap car pick up, we can accommodate that too. We work 7 days a week, days and evenings to allow more flexibility for our customers’ scrap car removal needs. We even work most statutory holidays because we know that it’s even easier for the people of Dunbar to scrap a car for cash when they have a paid day off! Just one of the ways we put every aspect of customer service at the forefront of everything we do. Contact us today to get your free scrap car removal quote