Scrap Car Removal Marpole

Scrap Chrysler vehicles in Vancouver

If you live in Marpole and have a damaged or unwanted car, truck, SUV, or minivan that you are wanting to sell for cash, look no further! More Cash For Scrap is the solution to all your scrap car removal needs. We buy all makes and models of vehicle, and in absolutely ANY condition.

Whether your vehicle has been in an accident, or is just old; we’ll buy it. We pay TOP CASH for any and all vehicles in any condition. Abandoned vehicles, unwanted vehicles, damaged, vehicles, you name it! If it’s scrap, we’ll pay MORE cash for it.

We Offer MORE Cash for Cars Than Local Dealerships

We live and work in the Marpole area, which makes finding local scrap car buyers that much easier.  Because we are already one of your neighbours, our tow truck drivers are usually in the area. This means, you get a prompt and free junk vehicle towing service, unlike other scrap car buyers.

We’ve spent years building a great reputation in the car recycling community. Although there are many different scrap car buyers to choose from, we are the best. No one pay MORE cash for scrap cars than we do. Even local dealerships like Vancouver Honda use our scrap car removal services to get MORE cash for their trade-in vehicles.

Eco-Friendly Car Recycling in Marpole

We are residents of the GVRD too, and we are proud to call this city home. We may work in the scrap car recycling industry, but we try our absolute best to make sure that our vehicles get recycled ethically. Also, we make sure its done in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Keeping BC green is not only our responsibility, it’s part of our values as a local business.

eco-friendly car disposal

This is why we work with other local businesses to ensure that when cars get scrapped, they get scrapped in the safest way possible. This way, we know that the chemicals that remain in junk cars doesn’t end up in our ecosystem. Also, the parts and components that can be reused, repurposed, or recycled get treated for just that; another life. That way, its not just another piece of garbage in our landfills.

Junk Car Removal Services in Marpole

Since 2005, we have been paying MORE cash for scrap cars than anyone. If you want to put some cash in your pocket, and that car in the crusher, you want More Cash For Scrap! We make recycling your car for cash quick and easy. Also, we tow vehicles to the scrapyard for free! If you want painless car disposal, you want us!

Vancouver scrap car buying service

We take pride in what we do, and we’ve been a local junk car buyer for a pretty long time. We strive every day to provide the best customer service possible, in an industry where it often isn’t the focus at all.

Customers are more than just a number to us; they are our livelihood and we truly value them as the great people they are.

This is why we do our best to provide a fast and flexible scrap car removal service. We do this by working 7 days a week, days and evenings. Plus, we offer our free scrap car pickup service in nearly every area of the lower mainland. So, even if you don’t live in Marpole, we’ll still come to you and pick up your scrap car.

Cash for Scrap Cars Marpole

When it comes to recycling cars for cash, no one does it better than us! We are the experts at scrap car removal, so we know how to get the most out of every vehicle we scrap. We work with local metal recycling companies like our friends at North Star Metal Recycling. They are experts, like us, at what they do, so they help us get MORE out of your junk car. This is one of the reasons more people choose our junk car removal services over any other.

What We Offer:

  • INSTANT cash offers on ALL junk vehicles
  • Same day scrap car removal services
  • Accident vehicle removal
  • Eco-friendly car recycling in Vancouver
  • Prompt, courteous, quick & easy car disposal
  • MORE cash for scrap cars than any other scrap car buyer!

Even if your scrap vehicle is from out of the province, or out of the country; we’ll buy it and pay MORE cash for it. We don’t care what’s wrong with it, or where it’s from. If you want to sell it, we want to buy it.

Marpole’s Best Local Junk Car Buyer

Marpole is known as the gateway to Vancouver from the South because it has 3 different bridges that connect the outlying areas directly to downtown. This is part of how Marpole became a popular place for new families. With a perfect blend of commercial and residential buildings, this little bustling community has become a wonderful place for people to call home. That’s one of the many reasons we love providing scrap car removal services in Marpole so much.

Part of having a place to call home amongst many local businesses, is utilizing those local companies for things like automotive repairs. Our friends at Penny’s Autobody are absolutely amazing at what they do, but when you have so much body damage that even they can’t get your car looking like it used to, it’s time to call a junk car buyer like More Cash For Scrap. No one will pay you MORE cash for your scrap car than we will.

Contact Our Scrap Car Buyers TodayFree Towing Services Vancouver

All we need is some basic information about your car to make you an offer. Let us know the make, model, year, and condition. Then, provide us with the vehicle’s location (sometimes its different than your home address). Our scrap car buyers will then make you an instant cash offer.

If you decide to accept our offer, we’ll dispatch our free towing service to you that day. If you have a specific day and time you’d like, we can accommodate that too. Our tow truck driver will load your vehicle on our truck, then pay you cash in hand before leaving. Who knew that scrap car removal could be so quick and easy? We did!

Contact our scrap car removal specialists today!