Can the Brand of Your Car Dictate How Much You Get Paid For It?

Whatever make, model, or year of vehicle you have, if you’re deciding to recycle your scrap car, you can be sure you’ll get some sort of cash for it. Especially when you choose More Cash For Scrap to do your scrap car removal because we pay MORE cash than anyone else. But did you know that the brand of vehicle you have could potentially effect how much money you actually get paid for your car? Let us explain.

Contact a Professional and Licensed Scrap Car Buyer First

When you’ve sunk a ton of money into keeping your car maintained over the years, or even just paid out a lot of cash to keep it running (and barely), you know you want to get paid something for your old vehicle when it comes time to scrap your car. All vehicles have a shelf life, whether they are old or new, because so many different things can go wrong with vehicles. That’s why it’s important to contact a scrap car buyer to help you make a more informed decision as to whether or not you should sell your old car as a used vehicle, or if it should be sold as a scrap car. That way you know that you are gaining as much profit as possible.

Are There Some Car Brands That Have More Scrap Value Than Others?

Sometimes, yes. The make and model of a vehicle can have a reasonable impact on the overall scrap value of your car. A higher end vehicle, even if it’s old, can earn you more money when you scrap it. But why? I’m just scrapping it, aren’t I?

Yes, and no. When you choose to go thru a licensed and insured scrap car buying business like us, not only do we ensure that your vehicle is scrapped in an environmentally friendly way, we make sure to get the most out of your vehicle by selling off the parts of it that can be repurposed and still hold high value. This is how we can guarantee that you, our customer, is getting paid the most money when you choose to use our scrap car removal services.

Does Weight Effect How Much I Get Paid for Selling My Scrap Car?

Another important factor when it comes to scrapping a vehicle, is the weight. The heavier the vehicle, the more money it’s worth. Most of the junk car is going to have its metal recycled, so when you’ve got an older and heavier vehicle, you’re definitely going to get paid more cash for it than if you have a smaller, lighter vehicle. So, when you combine an older, heavy vehicle, that’s a high-end brand name, that equals a greater cash payout when you recycle your car with us.

Brands like Ford, Land Rover, and Subaru, are some of the heavier makes of older vehicles. They also happen to be great name brands. So, when you put the two together, these particular brands can offer a better amount of money in your pocket. Newer luxury brands like BMW or Mercedes-Benz are much lighter, so worth less, even though they are considered to be much more prestigious in name.

Should I Try Parting Out My Scrap Vehicle First?

There are lots of consumers out there who buy specific vehicle parts online and second hand to try to save money on their repairs. But selling off parts of your scrap vehicle may seem like it’s going to earn you some extra cash, but generally it’s not. Removing parts reduces weight. Plus, often times a professionally licensed car buyer business will have better resources for the resale of parts, and can actually get more money for them as a business, than you could as a consumer. This adds to the overall payment you get when you sell your junk vehicle to a scrap car removal company like us.

Also, some car parts have toxic or hazardous materials and chemicals in them, and need to be removed with extra precautions. If you don’t have a professional remove those parts responsibly and safely, you could be in for more than you bargained for. Getting these parts removed the right way costs money, so again, you’re not making yourself more money by parting out your car, you’re losing it.

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In the end, the best decision you can make when it comes to selling an older vehicle, or even a scrap car, is to contact the professionals like More Cash For Scrap. We offer our customers instant quotes, same day pick up, and MORE cash than anyone else in the industry. We do scrap car removal 7 days a week, days and evenings, to better accommodate our customers. So, if you’re looking to sell your scrap car, make the smart choice and contact us!

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