The Value of Scrap Car Parts

The value of scrap car parts

We are often asked the question to explain the value of scrap car parts. So, based on our many years of experience in the scrap car removal industry, we’ve decided to answer that question in detail throughout this blogpost. There are some obvious answers here, however, we are going to cover every last detail. Hopefully you’ll learn something new, and find out why we are able to offer so much MORE cash for scrap cars than our competitors.

A big part of why we can pay so much more cash for cars is because we know and truly understand the value in junk car parts, components, and the metal involved with them. Some scrap car buyers just take your car and send it off to a local junkyard where there crush it down. We are different.

We make sure that every part of your vehicle that can be repurposed, is. Also, we make every effort to reuse components, parts, tires, and even interior seats. That way we can offer MORE cash for your junk car, but also keep less of your car from ending up in local landfills.

How Much Are Various Scrap Car Parts Worth?


There are so many different parts that come off of the cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans that we scrap for our customers. The process is a laborious one that is not only MORE profitable for our customers that way, but it also helps protect the environment and our delicate ecosystems here in British Columbia.

By making sure that we dismantle our scrap cars properly and utilize responsible destruction techniques, we are guaranteeing that MORE of our junk cars are being reused and that much less ends up sitting in a landfill for years on end.

This is why so many Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley residents use our scrap car removal services over any other scrap car buyers.

1. Catalytic Converters

The value of scrap car catalytic converters

Catalytic converters are often the most valuable part of any scrap vehicle. They are in such high demand that they are often stolen from everyday vehicles parked on the street. In fact, it was on the local news on both Global BC and CTV in 2022 about the rash of catalytic converter thefts happening across Metro Vancouver.

A catalytic converter has some value if it suits a popular model and is still in good condition. In general, this scrap part is valued for its precious metals such as platinum, rhodium, and palladium that are housed inside the canister.

Recently, the BC provincial government has put in recycling laws to help deter thieves from scrapping stolen catalytic converters. Before scrapping any of these parts, a person must first provide photo ID and sign a recycling document. This way, authorities can properly trace back stolen catalytic converters directly to the thieves who took them.

2. Sheet Metal and Frame

The next most valuable resource in 95% of scrap cars is the sheet metal and frame of the vehicle. Some are steel and some are aluminum. Bulk aluminum and steel scrap can sell for around $0.50 per pound, but fluctuate regularly depending on the economy.

This is why when we offer our customers MORE cash for scrap cars, we suggest they take our offer as quickly as possible. What we offer today may change next week, depending on current metal weight prices.

3. Vehicle Bumpers

Bumpers are money in the bank! They are one of the most often replaced parts on a car so they are always in demand. When an accident involves the destruction of a bumper it pretty much needs to be replaced. Even fixing a damaged bumper can be a more difficult and time consuming process than just using a new one.

Rather than shell out the high price of a new bumper at the dealership, many people will happily pay a few hundred dollars for a used one.

4. Tires, Rims, and Wheels


Are your rims and wheels still in good condition? If they are, do you know what material they made out of?

Tires, rims, and wheels often fit multiple vehicles of the same manufacturer. They can also contain a lot of aluminum or metal that can command a good price at the scrap yard. Plus, even if they don’t end up at the junkyard, many people who are into DIY projects are happy to take them off our hands for a reasonable price.

Additionally, many local farmers in the Fraser Valley and parts of Langley are happy to buy old tires to create fencing, to use for growing potatoes, and a variety of other practical purposes.

5. Air Bags

You probably didn’t know that air bags were good for anything other than protecting serious injury in an accident, but you’d be mistaken.

Airbags that haven’t been deployed are actually worth approximately $200 each at the junkyard. However, you need a professional to have them properly and safely removed from a vehicle.

This is why it’s always better to sell your car to a professional scrap car removal company who will ensure your car is dismantled ethically in every way.

6. Built-in GPS System

Built-in GPS Systems and other specialized electronics for navigation do so much more than just get you to where you are going. Even after a vehicle is deemed scrap, these systems, whether built-in or added as an aftermarket addition, can bring in substantial money as far as scrap goes.

Just like with airbags however, you’d want a professional scrap car removal company to have these components removed, because if they get damaged at all during removal, they become worthless.

*Note that it is always a good idea to remove any personal data from the device before letting it go.

7. Car Battery


You might think that used batteries have some value, unfortunately not much. Scrapping a battery is simple enough. But it does present an ecological issue. They are full of harmful chemicals that can seep into the earth.

Batteries are often recycled or refurbished if in good enough condition. You can refurbish the battery using distilled water and Epsom salt and maybe get a couple more years of life out of it. This may add a little extra value to your scrap.

8. Windshield Wiper Arms

These aren’t going to garner big money but they could be worth up to $65 per arm – depending on the model of your car.

9. Doors

The need for these is very similar to the need for bumpers. When a car body is banged up in an accident but it’s still able to run, the big expense in fixing it comes with trying to find comparable parts.

That’s what makes selling used car parts like doors, windows, mirrors, and electrical components so necessary. They are worth more when sold separately.

10. Windshields, Windows and Mirrors

Some custom glass and windshields are very valuable depending on the make and model of your car or truck. Classic scrap cars may even have custom glass pieces worth many hundreds of dollars.

Some newer vehicles that have become scrap due to flood damage, interior fires, or a failed transmission can warrant an even larger payout on their glass. This is because many newer vehicles have heated windshields, specially tinted glass, or are not as common.

If you’re planning on trying to scrap car parts yourself, be very careful how you handle that glass. You could be throwing away hundreds of dollars if you put even one little crack in that windshield glass.

11. Radio

The radio in your car is really only worth something if the technology is up-to-date. If your scrapped vehicle is still sporting the original audio system that came standard in it 5 – 10 years ago forget about it.

11. Air Conditioning

If you’ve ever been in a car without air conditioning in the middle of summer, then you can say you’ve experienced a mild form of torture. If the scrap car isn’t a total beater and had a fully functioning cooling system and compressor, then that system is in high demand.

Not too mention that even if you aren’t considering recycling the air condition system itself, the gas that’s contained inside the vehicle could be worth something because it is used to recharge air conditioning systems on working vehicles too. Worth even more in hot climates!

12. Motor Oil & Filter

These two things may not command a very large sum of money at the auto wreckers, but they do produce some minor additional funds. Oil can be reused and recycled in fact, and filters are always in high demand. Especially nowadays with our ever-increasing rates of everything due to inflation.

What’s The Value of Your Scrap Car?

If you are looking to sell your scrap car for cash, or are interested in what its value might, give us a call.

We’ve been in the scrap car removal industry since 2005, and no one knows MORE about scrapping cars for cash than we do. We pride ourselves on living up t our name every single day by always offering our customers MORE cash for scrap cars than any other local scrap car buyers.

Plus, we’ll take the time to explain what your vehicle is worth, and why, so that you know for certain that you are truly getting the best cash offer on your scrap car.

Want to Scrap Your Car for Cash Today?

With More Cash For Scrap you can! We offer MORE cash for scrap cars, and can usually provide same day scrap car removal of your junk vehicle. Plus, we pay in cash before leaving with your car, so the entire process can be done in as little as 10 minutes from when our tow truck arrives.

Just give us a call and provide our scrap car removal specialists with the make, model, year, condition, and location of your car. Then, provide us with the number of kilometres on it if you can still retrieve those. We’ll make you an instant offer right over the phone.

If you accept our offer, we’ll dispatch our free towing service to come collect your car. We can do this either that same day, or on a specific day and time if you prefer. We operate 7 days a week, from 7:00am to 11:00pm and even work on most statutory holidays.

Give us a call to find out how much your scrap car, truck, SUV, or van is worth. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much MORE cash for scrap cars we pay than our competition!

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