Top Vehicle Noises to Be Concerned About


When it comes to unusual vehicle noises coming from your car, generally, it’s never a sign of good things to come. Typically, the minute your car starts making sounds that are abnormal for it, that spells trouble. That’s why it’s good to be on the lookout for the top vehicles noises that can usually equate to a much-needed repair.

It is never fun being stuck on the side of the road because your vehicle broke down. However, what if you could circumvent that from happening? Below is a useful guide to what sounds to watch out for and why. Plus, if you can identify the sounds at the onset, you will be more likely to avoid a hefty repair bill at the mechanics later.

What is Your Car Trying to Tell You?


We’ve all done it; tried to explain to your mechanic what kind of sound your car was making right before it broke down. However, trying to discern a clunk from a thunk, and a hissing to a grinding can be much harder than you think. All you can do is try your best, and associate the noises your car makes to other possible symptoms.


When you think of a hissing sound, most of us think of air escaping from something. Like when you pop a whole in your air mattress while camping. You can’t see the air escaping, but you can hear it and feel it. Well, a car is no different. When you hear a new hissing sound coming from your vehicle, it’s undoubtedly the result of some kind of leak.

Typically hissing in your vehicles engine is caused by a leak in the cooling system or vacuum line. And considering the fact that your cooling system is a critical part of maintaining your engine, you’ll want to get your car checked out. Furthermore, if it’s a vacuum line, this could affect the drivability and over all fuel economy that you get. Either way, get your car seen to A.S.A.P.


A grinding sound coming from your vehicle is definitely a sign you should get your vehicle assessed by a professional, like our friends at Tremblay Motors. It could be anything from needing a minor or complete brake job, to needing a clutch replacement (if your vehicle is manual transmission).

Get your car checked out and explain to your mechanic when you specifically notice the grinding sound so that they can come to a quick diagnosis.

There’s nothing worse than paying someone to solve a grinding mystery, so help them out by giving them all the details you can of when it happens the most.


If you’ve noticed a new clunking sound, coming from the front or back end of your vehicle, something is definitely off. Particularly if the clunking takes place while going over bumps, or while turning. This could be signaling bad balls joints. It could also be a sign of worn-out control arm bushings or tie rods.

These things need immediate attention because depending how worn these components are, one wrong bump could equal disaster. Furthermore, it could even be other chassis components that need attention.

However, it could also be something simple like a loose exhaust system.

Whatever is the culprit, get your car seen to quickly to avoid being stranded on the side of the road.


Knock, knock. Who’s there? Engine trouble. Engine trouble who? Wait, I have engine trouble??? Yes, if you’re hearing knocking, you very well could.

Knocking coming from the engine is one of the worst sounds your vehicle can make. This is because if it’s knocking, there is something serious going on under the hood. If you have a deeper and more prominent knock, it’s likely that you need a rod bearing replaced. This is a big job, with a big bill. Similarly, if it’s something like a spun bearing, this requires pulling the entire powertrain and lower end of your vehicle off. Which also results in a massive repair bill comprised mostly of labour costs.

It could however, also be caused by an ignition issue, fuel injectors, damaged spark plugs, or faulty distributor caps. If you’re noticing the knocking is most prevalent when accelerating, definitely advise your mechanic of this. It will help to diagnose the issue faster, as this usually signals that a lifter isn’t lifting.


Squealing isn’t necessarily a sign of something extremely bad to happen with a vehicle. However, it does indicate that you need to have your car serviced at the very least. If you’re hearing squealing, it could be time for a brake job.


Although, it can also imply that a belt needs replacing in your engine. If the culprit is a worn-out fan belt, this could also suggest that your timing belt needs to be replaced as well. If this is the case, you’ll want to get it taken care of sooner rather than later because a timing belt is a catastrophic problem.

If your timing belt goes, it can often bend the valves right along with it. This means at least a $2,000 repair bill. This particular issue is one of the most common reasons that people scrap their cars for cash with us. When you’ve got a repair that is worth more than the vehicle itself, it’s time to think about scrap car removal. And when you think of that, think More Cash For Scrap!


If you’ve started to notice that your vehicle has begun to sound like the West Coast Express, it could be a sign that your CV joints are on their way out. Particularly if the sound is more apparent when turning corners and at lower speeds.

The CV joints are a critical part of your vehicle because they are some of the hardest working components on any vehicle. They are responsible for sending power to the wheels and handle all the vertical inputs from the road while still allowing you to steer your car.


So, if it’s a CV joint replacement that you need, get it done by a professional as soon as you can. Alternately, it could also be an indication of a bad universal joint if it’s coming from the rear end of your car, so it also requires a mechanic to take a look at it.

7.Growling or Grinding Sound Coming from the Engine


This one is a bad one. If you’re hearing that your engine is running rough and sounds like it’s growling or grinding, or an indescribable sound, it could be an indicator that your head gasket is blown. This is a very big and expensive job, and another common reason why people choose to scrap their car.

A good sign that it’s your head gasket will be the other symptoms that go along with it. If you notice steam coming from under your hood, overheating issues with your engine, visible tailpipe smoke, and a milky substance under your oil cap, it’s definitely your head gasket.

Get your vehicle to a mechanic for assessment as soon as you can. If they break the bad news to you that it needs replacing, contact us instead to see what your vehicle could be worth in cold hard cash! We always pay MORE cash for scrap cars in Vancouver.

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