Sell Your Car for Cash Vancouver

Sell My Car Vancouver

Do you have an older vehicle that’s not in the best condition, but isn’t quite scrap? Or maybe you’ve got a car that’s only 8 years old, but has REALLY high kilometres on it?

You could even have a perfectly good hybrid vehicle that needs a new battery, but those can cost thousands of dollars.

More Cash For Scrap is the best solution to sell your vehicle for MORE cash! We always offer MORE than any of our competitors, because we are experts at buying used vehicles. We are Vancouver’s #1 choice for cash for cars since 2005. Why? Because we don’t offer anything but the TOP cash paid for used cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans in Metro Vancouver.

What Kinds of Vehicles Do We Make INSTANT Cash Offers On?

Anything and everything! Regardless of its age or condition; we’ll buy it and pay you MORE cash than anyone.

We Buy:

  • Scrap Cars
  • Scrap Trucks
  • Work Vehicles
  • ICBC Write-Offs
  • Scrap Vans
  • Used Vehicles
  • Unwanted Cars
  • Damaged Cars
  • Campervans & Buses
  • Vehicles Without the Catalytic Converter
  • Cars with Mechanical Issues
  • Vehicles with Electrical Problems

If you’re selling your vehicle and want to get MORE cash for it, you want our car buying services. We offer the most cash for cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. Plus, we always offer free towing services. And we do same day car removal anywhere in Vancouver. Call us today to find out how much your used car is worth.

Why Are We Your Best Choice to Sell Your Car in Vancouver?

When you’ve got as much experience buying cars as we do, you know that you’re getting the very best. We are better than online car buying or haggling with a dealership. Most dealerships in Vancouver sell their trade-ins to us because even they know we pay MORE cash for cars than anyone else. Online car buying may seem like you are getting a great price for your car when you sell your vehicle to them, but that’s because their main goal is to get you to buy your next car from them.

What We Offer:

  • Free towing services from anywhere in the Lower Mainland
  • Same day vehicle pick-up
  • Fast and flexible scheduling
  • Prompt, professional, and friendly car buying service
  • MORE cash for cars, trucks, SUV’s, and vans than anyone else!

With More Cash For Scrap, we buy used cars, trucks, SUV’s, and vans without ANY added sales pressure. We are in the business of buying used cars, not selling them. That’s why you can sell your old unwanted vehicles to us for MORE cash without the hassle of dealing with pushy salesmen.

What Information Do We Need to Buy Your Car?

When it comes to buying scrap cars, there’s not a lot of information needed in order to make you a cash offer on it. Although we deal primarily with junk cars, we do also buy some older vehicles that aren’t necessarily “junk”. The details we need about the car you’re selling is minimal.

 Things We Need to Know:

  • What make is it?
  • What model is it?
  • How many kilometers does it have? (Not a big deal if you can’t get that info, we know some cars are pretty dead)
  • Does it have paperwork? (Also, not a big deal if you don’t have it, we can sort that out for you)
  • Where is it parked? (it’s okay if it’s in an underground parkade, we just want to know what we’re dealing with before we get there so we can be prepped and ready for your scrap car removal)
  • Does it start? (We can bring a battery if it doesn’t start simply because yours is dead)

Anything else you think might that might be relative to the price we offer you on your car is great to know ahead of time as well. If you’ve added after-market accessories or body kits to your vehicle, let us know so we can use that to help present you with a reasonable offer.

Sell My Car Vancouver

Used Car Buying Service

Selling your vehicle doesn’t have to feel like a taxing experience. However, if you’ve ever tried to sell a car privately, you know that’s exactly what it feels like. Constant back and forth emails and texts, that rarely end up with a showing, let alone a sale. Then, you’re right back to square one. Combine that with mechanical issues, electrical problems, body damage, or anything else, and it can be near impossible.

More Cash For Scrap makes selling a car for cash quick and easy. That’s why MORE people in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland choose our used car buying services over anyone else’s. We buy vehicles in ANY condition, from anywhere between Hope and Squamish. And with our free towing services, you don’t have to do anything but hold out your hand for some cold hard cash!

Contact Our Team of Used Car Buyers Today for a Free Quote

Whether you’re scrapping a car for cash, selling a used car, or wanting to recycle your damaged vehicle, we’re the ones to call. No one does scrap car removal and buys used cars better than we do. That’s why we’ve been #1 in everything junk car related since 2005.

Free Towing Services Vancouver

Call our team with the details of the vehicle you’re selling, and they will provide you with an INSTANT cash offer. Then, they’ll arrange a day and time around your schedule to have your car picked up. Our tow truck driver will remove your car and leave you with cash in hand. Selling your vehicle really can be this quick and easy! Contact us today to find out how much your car, truck, SUV, or van is worth.