Scrap Car Removal Central Squamish


When it comes time to sell a scrap car for cash in Central Squamish, don’t waste your time trying to do it privately. You can spend weeks or even months trying to find a buyer for your junk car, but in the end not even get paid what it’s worth. Selling your car to a scrap car removal company like More Cash For Scrap is a much better idea!

Since 2005, we’ve been the leaders in the scrap car removal industry. That’s because we always offer our customers free scrap car towing. Plus, we provide same day vehicle pickup, and we pay MORE cash for scrap cars than our competitors.

Get an INSTANT Cash Offer on Your Junk Car in Squamish

It only takes a couple of minutes to get a free and instant scrap car removal quote. Just call or text us and give us a few details about your junk car.

Things we need to know:

  • What make is it?
  • What model is it?
  • How many kilometers does it have? (Not a big deal if you can’t get that info, we know some cars are pretty dead)
  • Does it have paperwork? (Also, not a big deal if you don’t have the registration, we can sort that out)
  • Where is it parked? (it’s okay if it’s in an underground parkade, we just want to know what we’re dealing with before we get there so we can be prepped and ready for your scrap car removal)
  • Does it start? (We can bring a battery if it doesn’t start simply because yours is dead)

That’s it! It’s that simple. We take care of all the paperwork for you, and our free towing service comes directly to you to take your car away. Our tow truck driver will pay you cash in hand before leaving with your vehicle. Sounds pretty easy right? That’s because it is! No one does scrap car removal faster or better than we do. So, make the right choice and choose More Cash For Scrap when you want to sell your car for MORE cash.

Central Squamish Scrap Car Buying Service

We always pay MORE cash than anyone else in the industry for scrap cars. Plus, we do the paperwork and we tow your vehicle away from virtually anywhere (even underground parking lots).

Also, we make sure your automobile is recycled in an ethically and environmentally friendly way when we do your scrap car removal. Keeping BC beautiful is everyone’s part!


Contact us today to get an instant offer on your scrap car removal and find out what your junk car is worth. We are passionate about scrap car removal, so let us show you why MORE people choose our car recycling services over any other.

Junk Car Removal Services in Central Squamish

If you take a minute to Google “local scrap car buyer in Squamish”, you see a pretty lengthy list. However, many of them aren’t actually in Squamish. While others come to Squamish, but charge for towing. Others offer free towing, but won’t provide things like eco-friendly car recycling, or roadside accident vehicle removal.

This is where More Cash For Scrap is different. We provide a full service experience for our customers. Even if it’s just for scrapping a car for cash.

We Provide:

  • Free Junk Car Removal
  • Cash for Damaged Vehicles
  • Same Day Scrap Car Pick-Up
  • Free Towing Services for All Scrap Car Removals
  • MORE Cash for Scrap Cars
  • Roadside Accident Vehicle Removal
  • Unwanted Vehicle Removal
  • MORE Cash for Cars
  • Car Disposal Services
  • Eco-Friendly Car Recycling

When it comes time to junk a car for cash, choose wisely. Choosing a reputable and professional scrap car removal company who has their customers best interests at heart. Choose More Cash For Scrap!

Sell Your Car Central Squamish

Our name may be More Cash For Scrap, but we also buy vehicles that aren’t just junk. Sometimes, your vehicle is in perfectly good condition, but it’s got some serious age on its side. Or perhaps you have a vehicle that’s not even that old, but it has really, REALLY high kilometres.


The good news is, we buy those too! We are happy to make instant cash offers on any kind of car, truck, SUV, or van.

Plus, we still tow it away for free, and pay MORE cash for cars than any other used vehicle buyer in Central Squamish. Make the smart choice when you have scrap auto that you want to sell, and choose us!

Contact Our Scrap Car Buying Team Today

All we need to get started are a few basic details about the car you are scrapping. Just give our scrap car buyers the make, model, year, and condition of the vehicle. If you’re able to retrieve the number of kilometres it has, let them know that too.

Then, provide us with a location of where your scrap car is. Then, they’ll make you and INSTANT cash offer. If you accept, they’ll arrange for our free junk car towing service to come and collect your vehicle at a date and time that works best for you. Our tow truck driver will load up your car, he’ll remove the license plates if you’d like, and then he’ll pay you cash in hand right there on the spot. It’s really that simple!

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Contact our team of scrap car buyers today. Find out why your junk car removal can be MORE profitable than you might think!