Junk Car Removal in Coal Harbour

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Getting sick of the Coal Harbour commute with your daily driver? Have you been considering making the switch to transit, but can’t find a buyer for a car with high mileage? Are the repair bills really starting to stack up? Are you sick of thinking about scrapping your car and simply want it gone? If so, you need the junk car removal services of More Cash For Scrap.

We have been proudly providing scrap car removal and car disposal services all over Metro Vancouver since 2005. Not other scrap car buyers can offer as much cash for scrap cars as we can. Nor do they provide customer service the way that we do. We pride ourselves on being the best in not just junk car removal, but in customer service excellence as well.

We offer our scrap car removal services 7 days a week, from 7:00 AM-11:00 PM, and will even pick up your junk car on most statutory holidays as well. That’s just one MORE way that we provide MORE customer service than other junk car buyers in Coal Harbour.

Why Does Vancouver Choose Us for Junk Car Removal?

With so many different ways to recycle your car these days, you might be asking yourself, “what makes More Cash For Scrap different?”. Well, for starters, we offer MORE in every capacity of scrap car removal.

We Provide:

  • Instant cash offers right over the phone/text
  • Same day scrap car removal
  • Roadside vehicle removal after an accident or breakdown
  • Prompt, professional, and reliable junk car removal services
  • Free junk car towing from anywhere in the Lower Mainland
  • MORE cash for scrap cars than the other guys!

It’s not just our commitment to paying MORE cash for scrap cars in Coal Harbour that makes us great. It’s the time we dedicate to providing exceptional customer service by always going the extra mile and working hard to do business right.

Get MORE Cash for Scrap Cars in Vancouver

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Coal Harbour is a gorgeous place to live. However, it is also an expensive one. That’s why many people who live here make the switch to transit to help reduce their living costs.

Not only that, but transit is a more effective way to traverse the city on any given day. And particularly more efficient when navigating around areas like False Creek on a Canucks Game Day. Have you ever tried to get through traffic after a concert is let out at Rogers Arena? It is a nightmare!

But when you travel on foot or hop on the Skytrain, you can be home in a matter of minutes instead of hours. Suddenly, that commuter car that you bought just to get to work and back doesn’t seem so worthwhile.

That’s why many Coal Harbour residents choose our scrap car removal services when selling a vehicle that has high mileage, is in need of repairs, or simply has age stacked against it. Unless you’re planning on moving out of the Vancouver core, scrapping an older vehicle might be your best choice.

We buy so much MORE than just junky old cars that are unwanted, damaged, or anything in between. Call our junk car removal team today to find out what your vehicle is worth. If it still drives, it’s probably worth MORE than you think!

Eco-Friendly Car Recycling in Metro Vancouver

eco-friendly car disposal

Part of being a proud Vancouver resident is also being responsible in the way that we scrap cars. We use ethical scrap car removal practices to help keep Vancouver beautiful, clean, and safe for all of the residents here.

When You Scrap Your Car with Us, We Perform:

1. Depollution

First, your vehicle has all of the fluids and various chemicals drained from it. This helps top prevent any toxins from getting into local ecosystems and makes sure that what comes out is disposed of properly.


The next step is where we take apart your vehicle based off of what materials it’s comprised of. Usually, all the plastics are removed first. Then any of the upholstery and interior carpets.

Finally, any remaining recyclable parts like the metal itself that your car is constructed out of, get removed and recycled. This is where they carefully take off any reusable parts or components. This is usually the step that guarantees our customers get MORE cash for scrap cars than with the other guys!

3. Destruction

The last stage in our scrap car removal process involves sending what’s left over to the local metal recycling depot. This final stage is critical in making sure that all that can be recycled on your junk car, is. By the time our 3-step scrap car removal process is complete, only about 15% of your vehicle ends up in local landfills.

If you want a better way to scrap your car for MORE cash in Coal Harbour, scrap it with More Cash For Scrap. We truly do pay MORE cash for scrap cars in Vancouver than any other scrap car removal company!

Vancouver Scrap Car Removal Services

Vancouver scrap car removal

Not every vehicle that we scrap for our customers is the result of age or rust. Sometimes, vehicles get scrapped because they have serious damage that is far too costly to repair. When the repair bill outweighs the cost of the vehicle itself, it’s time to scrap it. That’s why many people choose to sell their broken cars to More Cash For Scrap.

Broken cars come in all shapes and sizes, and all with their own ailment. It might be a vehicle that has interior damage due to fire or flooding. Or it could be a vehicle that was in an accident, which caused the airbags to deploy. It could even be broken because of a small collision, that did some major damage like bending your vehicle’s frame.

Whatever it is, we are happy to offer you MORE cash for scrap cars and cash for broken cars regardless of their condition. That’s why Metro Vancouver chooses us for everything scrap car removal and have since 2005. We always pay MORE!

What Types of Junk Cars Do We Buy in Coal Harbour?

Anything and everything, no matter how scrappy! The scrappier the better we always say… Actually, we don’t always say that, but we don’t judge when it comes to paying MORE cash for scrap cars that are in really rough shape!

We Are Always Looking to Buy:

  • Vehicles with mechanical problems
  • Scrap cars with mystery electrical issues that no one can fix
  • Collision damaged cars
  • ICBC write-offs
  • Old, unwanted buses and vans
  • Daily drivers with REALLY high mileage
  • Vehicles with blown transmissions or dead engines
  • Junk cars with interior damage of any kind
  • Vehicles with rust, mould, mildew, or corrosion
  • Vehicles with body damage
  • Collision cars & trucks with deployed airbags
  • Vehicles that have been sitting too long
  • Any unwanted vehicle for ANY reason!

No matter what you’re scrapping, More Cash For Scrap will offer you the most cash for it. We are the scrap car removal experts, and that’s why we have been #1 in Vancouver since 2005. We always pay MORE!

How Much Cash Can I Get for My Scrap Car?

Every vehicle that we buy in Vancouver is different, and they are all being scrapped for a variety of reasons. This is why we present our offers only after collecting the details of your vehicle. Whereas some scrap car removal companies in Vancouver might offer a flat rate for all vehicles of a certain age or type, we don’t.

Provide us with the make, model, year, condition, and location of your vehicle. Then, we will make you an instant cash offer right over the phone. We don’t even need to see your vehicle before making you an offer on it!

If you accept our offer, our free junk car removal service will come collect your car that very day. We offer our junk car removal services 7 days a week, from 7:00 AM-11:00 PM, to better serve you, our customer.

Contact Our Junk Car Buying Team Today

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If you want to get that junk car out of your garage, out of your driveway, or simply out of your life, call our team of scrap car removal specialists today.

Our agents live and work in the areas we service, including Vancouver, which means we are able to respond to requests sometimes in just a few minutes. So, you can call us and have your vehicle gone within the hour!

If you want fast, efficient, and reliable scrap car removal in Coal Harbour today, choose More Cash For Scrap. We always pay MORE!