Grandview-Woodland Junk Car Removal

Grandview scrap car removal
Do you have a project car that never actually became a project? Did you have a daily driver up until last week, but with a blown transmission it’s more of a non-driver? Does your vehicle simply have REALLY high kilometres and you want to sell it before it starts having major mechanical issues? Does it have accident damage? Interior damage? Is it just a car you don’t use anymore? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you need the junk car removal services of More Cash For Scrap.

Since 2005, we’ve been the leaders in the junk car removal industry. We offer free towing services for every junk car removal call we answer, we provide same day scrap car pickup, we handle all the paperwork, and we always pay MORE cash for scrap cars than any other junk car removal company in Grandview-Woodland. If you want to sell a car for cash, you want More Cash For Scrap!

Grandview-Woodland’s Favourite Scrap Car Buyer

grandview-woodland junk car towing and auto recycling
Whether you’re selling a junk car, scrap truck, worn-out SUV, or beat up minivan, we want it and we’ll pay MORE cash for it than any other scrap car buyer in Granview-Woodland. We are always on the hunt for junk cars of every make and model.
We Want to Buy:

  • Scrap Cars – Passenger cars, luxury sedans, coupes, sports cars, hybrids, station wagons, foreign cars, out-of-province and out of country automobiles in ANY condition
  • Junk Trucks – Work trucks, diesels, heavy duty trucks, light trucks, 1-ton work trucks, 4×4’s
  • Scrap SUV’s & Crossovers – Hybrids, 4×4’s, luxury models even with major body damage
  • Junk Vans – Minivans, work vans, cargo vans, panel vans, campervans

Whatever kind of scrap auto you want to have sent to the junkyard; we are the ones to call to get it there. Plus, we’ll provide free scrap car pick-up, and we’ll pay you MORE cash for scrap cars than any other scrap car removal company in Grandview-Woodland. Contact one of our junk car removal specialists today to get a free and instant cash offer!

We Pay MORE Cash for Scrap Cars in Grandview-Woodland

It doesn’t matter if you’re scrapping a junk car, a scrappy truck, a worn-out minivan, or an SUV that’s had a little too much sport and utility use over the years; we’ll buy it in ANY condition and we’ll pay MORE cash for it than any of our competitors will. That’s why the people of Grandview-Woodland choose us every time they need scrap car removal services that offer free scrap car pickup like we do!

We never really understood why some scrap car removal companies charge for scrap car pickup, and why they think that when someone is scrapping a car, it’s still drivable. More often than not our clients’ cars do not drive and aren’t even insured if they do, so why not provide a free towing service to the very people who are helping to make your business thrive and grow? The cost of having a tow truck deliver your junk car to a car scrapyard or to a scrap car recycling company could cost upwards of hundreds of dollars.

By offering a free towing service for all our scrap car removals, we are helping our customers keep that money in their pockets, while doing business that is good for everybody. This is why Grandview-Woodland residents junk car removal service again and again.

Scrap Car Buyer in Grandview-Woodland, Vancouver

When it comes to paying cash for scrap cars, we are definitely the ones to call above any other scrap car removal company. Why? Because we have been the experts in the junk car removal industry since 2005. When you’ve been in the scrap car removal business that long, you learn a thing or two about scrapping cars for cash. We work with local metal recycling companies so that we get the most out of every car we scrap, while keeping our overhead low. That’s just one small way that we are able to pay MORE cash for scrap cars than any other junk car buyer in Vancouver.

  • Vehicles that have body damage
  • Vehicles with rust, mold, or mildew
  • Vehicles with interior damage from leaks, rodents, or pets
  • ICBC Write-offs
  • Vehicles that have really high kilometers
  • Vehicles with any mechanical or electrical issues
  • Vehicles without keys, with wheels, or without registration

There are a million different reasons that our customers come to us for their scrap car removal needs in Grandview-Woodland. Whatever reason you have to scrap a car for cash, we’re happy to help you recycle your car, and pay you for it too! Contact our team of junk car removal agents today to find out just how much cash for scrap cars we’ll pay you.

We Buy MORE Than Just Scrap Vehicles in Vancouver

We may be the leading scrap car removal company in the Granview-Woodland area, but we’re also one of the top used car buyers in the Metro Vancouver area. If you’ve got an older vehicle with some life still left in it, we’ll buy that too. Just contact our team of dedicated and helpful used car buyers to get a free evaluation on what your vehicle could be worth. They’ll get some basic details from you right off the bat; then, they’ll book an in-person appointment to give you a real-time appraisal and instant cash offer.

Contact Us Today for an Instant Cash Offer!

All it takes is a simple phone call to get rid of your scrap car for good. We get some basic details from you to start the process; the make, model, year of your vehicle, the condition it’s in, and the kilometers (if you can still retrieve those from the car). Then, we’ll make you an instant offer based on real-time data about the weight of the metal, and what parts it may have that can be recycled or repurposed. If you accept the offer, we’ll book a time for our free towing service to come and take your car away, and they’ll pay you in cash before leaving with your junk vehicle. It’s that easy!

Call or text us today at (778) 840 – 6673 to find out how much your scrap car, truck, SUV, or van could be worth. You just might be surprised how much cash we’re willing to pay for scrap cars in Grandview-Woodland, Vancouver. Scrap car removal is our thing, so let us do your scrap car removal for you today!