Scrap Car Removal in Granville Island


Living in Vancouver can be expensive, and if you live in or around the beautiful area of Granville Island, you know better than anybody how expensive it really can be.

Not only are the rents and mortgages astronomical, owning a vehicle brings the additional expense of parking. Even when you live in a building that comes with tenant parking, most times there is a monthly cost to rent that spot. And if you’ve got more than one vehicle to park, the price is now doubled. No wonder so many people turn to our scrap car removal services to get rid of an unwanted vehicle.

Cash for Scrap Cars in Vancouver, BC

That’s why if you’re sitting on a vehicle that no longer drives, you  should sell it! Also, if it has mechanical issues that you’ll never get around to fixing, we’ll buy it! We even buy vehicles that have been in fires, floods, or simply a collision.

We are the scrap car removal pro’s and we know how to get MORE out of every car we scrap. That’s why we’ll buy your  vehicle in ANY condition, and for top dollar.

Cash For Damaged Vehicles in Vancouver

scrap car removal and auto recycling

Not all junk cars are deemed scrap vehicles just because of their age. Some are scrap cars because they’ve been in an accident or two, and were written off by ICBC. If you’ve got a car with major or even minor collision damage, we want it. Plus, we’ll pay you MORE cash for it than any other scrap car buyer in Vancouver.

We Are Always Looking to Buy:

  • Accident damaged cars
  • Vehicles with mechanical issues from a collision
  • ICBC write-offs
  • Vehicles with deployed airbags
  • Cars with electrical issues caused by an accident
  • Vehicles with bent frames
  • Vehicles with extensive body damage

We know how to recycle your car for cash in Vancouver. Unlike other scrappers, we pass along the extra cash we get to our customers. That’s why we’ve earned our name, and strive to live up to it every single day.

We Make Scrap Car Removal in Granville Island Quick & Easy!

Selling your car can be a real nightmare. Also, if it’s got any kind of mechanical issues, it’s tougher. Even something as simple as age stacked against it, can make it near impossible to sell. That’s why when you want to sell your car in Vancouver, the best way to do that is More Cash For Scrap!

All it takes is a simple call or text to get the ball rolling. Our dedicated and helpful scrap car buyers just need some basic details about the vehicle you’re selling.

Let us know the make, model, year, and condition. Then, give us the location of the vehicle (because sometimes that’s different than home). If you can retrieve the kilometers on the car, that helps too.

Once we have all the details about the vehicle that you’re scrapping, we’ll make you an instant cash offer right over the phone. If you accept, we’ll pick up your vehicle the very same day, and leave you with cash in hand as we tow it away. It’s that easy!

MORE Cash For Scrap Cars Granville Island

When it comes to car recycling, no one does it better than we do. We’ve been tried, tested, and true since 2005. That’s exactly why we’re the best local scrap car buyer in Granville Island, Vancouver. No one pays MORE cash for scrap cars than we do because we know how to get the most out of every car. We work with local auto wreckers to get MORE cash and have less overhead.

Services We Offer:

  • Car Recycling
  • Scrap Car Removal
  • Cash for Scrap Cars
  • Accident Vehicle Removal
  • Cash for Damaged Vehicles
  • Junk Car Removal Services
  • Free Scrap Car Pickup
  • Cash for Accident Damaged Vehicles
  • Free Junk Vehicle Removal Towing
  • Cash for ICBC Write-Offs
  • Unwanted Vehicle Removal Vancouver

We also buy vehicles from out of the province, and out of the country. So, if you’ve got a vehicle from Alberta that you want to scrap, we’ll buy it. Have a work truck from Washington? We’ll pay you MORE cash for that too!

Granville Island’s Favourite Junk Car Removal Company

Junk Car Towing Services

It’s no secret that we always pay MORE cash for scrap cars. Although we are famous for it, we also offer the best customer service. Unlike many other scrap car buyers, we put our customers first.

That’s because we know that you can’t do great business without great customers. And why wouldn’t we want you to feel like #1 when you made us #1 too?

Also, we take great pride in offering the best experience for each and every one of our customers. We care about our customers, and we want you to feel like you are more than just a number to us, because you are!

That’s why we always offer free junk car towing, same day scrap car removal, and MORE cash for cars than the other guys!

Contact Our Team of Scrap Car Removal Specialists Today!

If you’ve been thinking about scrap car removal, think of us. We offer the highest cash payouts for scrap cars in Vancouver. Plus, we offer all our services free of charge. Some scrappers charge for towing and car removal, but we don’t.

We know that if it’s a junk car, it’s probably not going to drive. At the very least, it’s likely not even insured. That’s why we tow your vehicle away for free, while still paying MORE cash to you.

Call or text our team of scrap car removal specialists today to get an INSTANT cash offer. If you accept our offer, you car can be gone today. Call at breakfast, it’s gone by dinnertime. Who knew scrap car removal could be this quick and easy? We did! That’s why we are Vancouver’s best scrap car removal company.