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We’ve all heard the comical acronyms of Ford. “Found On Road Dead’ and “Fix Or Repair Daily”, and we all take it with a grain of salt and have a little chuckle at it. However, the fact of the matter is that those acronyms for Ford are entirely true when it comes to certain models. This just happens to be the case with the Ford Focus.

Known for being one of the more popular Ford sedans, the Ford Focus had great promise when it was released as it offered everything a consumer wanted in a compact car, but with the features and styling that usually comes with a mid-sized sedan.

However, not too long after the sales skyrocketed, word got out that owning a Ford Focus was not in your best interest as a consumer. With a long list of mechanical issues that included everything from something minor like a faulty wiper motor, to something massive like a failed transmission, the sales of the Ford Focus soon began to plummet.

This blog post is about the most common Ford Focus problems, large and small, what years were affected the most, and what to look out for if you are buying a used Ford Focus today.

Ford Focus Transmission Problems

One of the biggest complaints about the Ford Focus reported by consumers across Canada would have to be their transmissions. And anyone who knows even a little bit about cars, knows that the transmission is essentially the beating heart of your vehicle.

Without it, your vehicle simply will not move.

Many Ford Focus owners reported having various transmission issues like shuddering, slipping, clunking and thumping, as well as hesitation upon accelerating.

One of the most common and worst public reports was that the transmission would overheat.

Ford Focus with Transmission Problems

This is extremely dangerous in the Lower Mainland where we have some of the hottest summer temperatures in the province, which gets exaggerated by all the annual forest fires that we are also subject to.

Owners would then bring their vehicles into a Ford dealership to have the transmission issues resolved and reset, but the issues would present themselves within a few months, and never end up getting properly resolved.

How Do I Know If My Ford Focus Has Transmission Failure?


Just like with any vehicle, there are certain telltale signs that your transmission is failing. With the Ford Focus, however, they happen much sooner than on other vehicles, and they tend to be much more prominent. This is due in part to the fact that many consumers reported experiencing multiple signs and symptoms that their transmission was failing all at once.

Signs Your Transmission Is Failing on Your Ford Focus:

  • Hesitation when accelerating
  • Thumping or clunking when decelerating
  • Slipping gears
  • Transmission overheating
  • Difficulty shifting in and out of any gear
  • Solenoid failure (this is usually identified by a mechanic)
  • Grinding or whining noise

Other signs that your transmission is failing include worsening gas mileage, an increase in oil consumption, and any other unusual sounds or vibrations that are combined with some of the above noted symptoms.

What Ford Focus Years Were Affected with Transmission Issues?

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While it is a well-known fact that all years of the Ford Focus had their fair share of issues, the ones affected the most with transmission issues were 2012-2016. If you are planning to buy a used Ford Focus, be sure to take extra steps to ensure that any known issues have already been addressed.

A good place to start is to run the vehicle’s VIN # through the recall database that is offered on the Ford website. This can be found HERE.

Plus, if they haven’t been identified and repaired, have a professional mechanic perform a thorough vehicle inspection on the car before buying it. Vehicle inspections for the purpose of purchasing a used vehicle can be performed by almost any professional and licensed mechanic.

Where Can I Get a Vehicle Inspection Done in the Lower Mainland?

scrap car removal

BCAA offers a professional inspection for a little over $100. This makes getting a vehicle inspection on a used vehicle BEFORE buying it so much easier with the mobile inspection service that is offered by BCAA.

There are also various local mechanics throughout Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland that will provide a professional inspection on any used vehicle for a set price. Before checking with a mechanic about having the vehicle inspected, ask the current owner if one has been done, and if they can provide you with a copy of the inspection report if it has had one recently.

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Most Common Ford Focus Problems

The list of issues that are prevalent on the Ford Focus is longer than most vehicles, which means the likelihood of you experiencing problems with your vehicle is about 90%.

Some are issues that can happen on any vehicle but happen prematurely on the Ford Focus. While others are the result of a design flaw or poorly built components. Regardless, these are the most common issues you’ll experience when owning any year of the Ford Focus.

Most Common Issues with the Ford Focus:

  • Power steering issues
  • Door latch problems
  • Transmission issues
  • Engine issues
  • Malfunctioning alternator
  • Ignition switch issues
  • Engine and transmission failure
  • Brake problems
  • Coolant leaks and engine cooling problems
  • Air conditioning issues
  • Water pump failure
  • Wiper motor malfunctions

As you can see, the list of things that have been reported frequently by consumers on the Ford Focus is extensive. However, there are a whole host of other issues that can and do happen with the Ford Focus that have not been frequently reported.

Want to Sell Your Scrap Ford Vehicle?

Junk Car Removal for Ford Focus's

While the Ford Focus is definitely one of the most known vehicles that Ford has put out for having an extensive list of mechanical failures, there are many other Ford vehicles that also have major problems.

For many people, the ones not covered under a recall notice get sold to a professional scrap car removal company like More Cash For Scrap. The great news is that we always pay MORE cash for scrap cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans, especially Fords.

We Are Always Looking to Buy:

Ford Passenger Cars

  • Contour
  • Crown Victoria
  • Ecosport
  • Festiva
  • Fiesta
  • Focus
  • Fusion
  • Mustang
  • Taurus

SUVs & Crossovers

  • Bronco
  • Edge
  • Escape
  • Explorer
  • Expedition
  • Flex
  • Mustang Mach-E


  • Ford F-Series
  • Ford F-150 Lightning
  • Ranger
  • Maverick
  • Super Duty

Vans & Minivans

  • Aerostar
  • Econoline
  • E-Series
  • Freestar
  • Transit
  • Windstar

No matter what condition your Ford vehicle is in, we will make you an instant cash offer on it. This can be done over the phone or through text message.

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How Much Cash Can I Get for My Scrap Vehicle?

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