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There are million different reasons to consider scrap car removal in Vancouver.

Some people are scrapping a car because it has been in a collision and was written off by ICBC. Others are getting rid of an old junker that they had once planned on restoring, but simply never got around to it. While others are selling a daily driver that has REALLY high kilometres on it, and the maintenance bills are really starting to pile up.

Whatever the case, More Cash For Scrap is your best choice for scrap car removal in Vancouver, BC.

Want MORE Cash for Scrap Cars in Vancouver?

When it comes to selling a scrap car, it can be a complete pain in the you-know-what. People want your car for the least amount of money because it doesn’t run or has issues that need expensive repairs.


Scrappers are all chomping at the bit to get their hands on your car, but they too want to pay you as little as possible. So, instead you post ads on Craigslist and Facebook, and months go by without so much as a real reasonable offer on your car.

Every message that comes in is someone lowballing you, and the others are just wanting to “take the car off your hands” for free. How is any of this fair to you as the seller? It’s not.

That’s why it’s always better to work with a licensed, professional, and reputable scrap car buyer like More Cash For Scrap. We are the pros when it comes to buying scrap cars for cash. We always pay MORE!

What Determines How Much Cash You Can Get for Your Car?

  • Has the vehicle been parked for a long time (6 months or more)?
  • Was it parked inside or outside?
  • Does it have any body damage?
  • Does it have any paint damage?
  • Does it have mechanical issues?
  • Does it have any kind of electrical problems?
  • How many kilometres does the vehicle have on it?
  • What is the make, model, and year of the scrap car you’re selling?
  • Is it a rare model of vehicle?
  • Does it have highly sought-after parts or components on it?
  • What condition is the interior of the vehicle in?
  • Are there or were there ever any leaks in the vehicle (including the trunk)?
  • Has your junk car been in any accidents?
  • Does your vehicle still have the original catalytic converter on it?
  • Have there been any modifications made to your vehicle that improved it’s worth?

If you take a look at this list, it’s pretty long, right? And there are still a whole host of other questions we could ask about your car to help you determine what it’s worth. For this reason, it’s always better to sell your scrap car to a licensed and professional scrap car buyer like More Cash For Scrap.

How to Keep Your Vehicle Protected from the Elements

If you’re planning on parking a vehicle for any long period of time, especially indefinitely, make sure to take the time to protect it from the elements, whether parked indoor or outdoor. Doing this can help reduce additional loss of value. That way, if you decide to sell it later on, you’ve got something that could actually be worth some money.  

Car Cover

With the arrival of autumn upon us, we’ve composed this list of tips to help you make the best choices to protect your investment, whether it’s just a summer only driven car, or an older vehicle that you’re taking off the road.

When Parking Your Vehicle Long Term:

  • Make sure to disconnect the vehicle’s battery and store it in a safe, dry place (preferably on a piece of wood)
  • Cover your vehicle with a dust cover to protect against dust build-up when parking indoors, and a outdoor car cover when parking it outdoors.
  • If you’re planning on leaving your vehicle parked outside, try to park it under a car tent or in a carport to protect it from inclement weather conditions. This helps preserve your vehicles paint job, and also protects against possible leaks.
  • Do NOT set the parking brake. When the brake pads are pushed against the rotors for extended periods, they can seize up or fuse together.
  • Get an oil change before parking it. If you decide not to sell your vehicle later on, you’ll want the engine to be properly lubricated upon start up (especially after sitting for a while)
  • Make sure all your fluids are topped up, particularly the engine coolant
  • Raise your windshield wipers so that they don’t start to stick to your windshield over time
  • Fully inflate tires. They will lose air over time, but it’s better to start out with a fully inflated tire than one that’s already lower than the pressure it should be.

Taking even just some of these simple steps will help ensure that you are preserving the most value in any vehicle that you are planning to store for extended periods of time, even if it’s just a junk car, truck, SUV, or van.

Avoid Parting Out Your Scrap Car and Sell It to Us Whole

When you’ve put in a fair amount of time and effort to preserve your scrap vehicle, it can be extremely tempting to take the car apart and try to sell off the parts individually because it can essentially turn more of a profit than just scrapping your car for cash.

However, there’s a very good chance that you’ll spend more time sitting on the vehicle than you will get sales for the parts. Plus, you run the risk of damaging either the parts or other vital components of the vehicle when trying to get the parts you’re selling out.

Unless you are extremely well versed in the mechanics of your vehicle, we strongly recommend that you don’t part it out. Not only are there risks involved with removing parts that compromise the value of those parts, there are many chemicals that are within the engine and moving parts of your car that can easily harm the environment, animals (like our pets), and you.

By selling your junk car as a whole to a professional licensed scrap car buyer like us, you’re not only saving yourself the time and effort, you’re protecting the environment.

We Offer Scrap Car Removal Services in Metro Vancouver & the Fraser Valley

Whether you’re scrapping a car, truck, SUV, van, or even a bus, we’ll buy it and pay you MORE cash for it than any other junk car removal company in the lower mainland. Our tow truck drivers are fast, courteous, and professional, and work 7 days a week, from 8:00am to 10:00pm to better serve our amazing customers like you!

What Kinds of Things Can Affect the Value of Your Car?

When it comes to any vehicle that you’re selling, the condition it’s in plays a big factor in how much it’s worth.

However, that’s not the only factor. There are some things that greatly affect the value of your vehicle, even if it’s just a junk car.

cash for junk cars in Hope

Whether or not you’ve let the car sit for a long time, or how it was driven before it was parked, can impact it’s worth. There are many other varying circumstances can definitely determine how much value has been lost on your vehicle.

Vancouver’s Best Choice for Junk Car Removal Services

Regardless of why you need scrap car removal in Vancouver, we are here to offer it in the most prompt and professional way we can. Unlike some scrap car buyers, we pride ourselves on offering same day junk car removal, while always paying MORE cash for scrap cars in Metro Vancouver.

If You Need:

  • Scrap car removal
  • Cash for scrap cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans
  • Accident vehicle removal
  • Junk car towing
  • Unwanted vehicle removal
  • Cash for damaged cars
  • A scrap car buyer that pays MORE cash for cars
  • Same day junk car pickup
  • Free towing for your unwanted vehicle
More Cash For Scrap Cars

We even offer roadside vehicle removal during rush hour on the Lions Gate Bridge when your car breaks down. Or accident vehicle removal after a head-on collision on Denman and Robson in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. No matter what has happened, no matter why you’re scrapping your car, we’ll come tow it away for free and offer you MORE cash for scrap cars than the other guys!

Contact Our Team of Scrap Car Buyers Today!

All it takes is a phone call and a few simple details about the vehicle you’re selling to get the ball rolling. We just need to know the make, model, year, condition, number of kilometres (if you can still retrieve that) and the location of the junk car you’re scrapping.

Then our helpful scrap car buyers will make you an instant cash offer, right on the spot. If you accept the offer, we’ll dispatch our free towing service that same day, and our driver will pay you in cash right then and there. If you need to book a specific day and time, we can do that too because we work 7 days a week, day and evenings, and even work most statutory holidays too!

Contact us today to find out why everyone chooses More Cash For Scrap when they want to get MORE cash for their scrap cars!

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