The Kidney Car Foundation of BC

(How we help you, to help them)

For the past 25 years, we have fully supported the efforts of the Kidney Car Foundation of BC. What better way to show your support than to make a selfless donation of your old used vehicle to such an important organization? Well, there is a better way to help support the BC Kidney Foundation, and the many programs they implement and facilitate throughout the province; it’s with cash.

So, when you sell your scrap car for cash to a company like More Cash For Scrap, you know for certain that you will be getting paid MORE cash, and that’s exactly want you want when you are planning on donating it to a good cause like the Kidney Foundation.

Donating a Vehicle to the Kidney Car Foundation BC

When you donate your old car or truck to the Kidney Car Foundation, they give you a $300 tax receipt, and either sell the working parts off the vehicle for money, which is later donated to their charity, or they re-sell the vehicle as is (or after minor repairs). A better and more effective way to help the many people in our communities who rely on this vital organization, would be to give them a direct cash donation.

A simple cash donation minimizes the work needed on their end to get much needed funds to their programs, and by selling your used vehicle to a professional used and scrap car buyer like More Cash For Scrap, you will not only get a larger cash payment that can be given right to the Kidney Car Foundation, you will get more money period for your car. More money naturally, can go further with a much-needed charity like our friends at the Kidney Car Foundation of British Columbia, so you can sell to us, then use our larger cash payment to help them out more too!

The Kidney Car Foundation Doesn’t Accept ALL Scrap or Junk Vehicles

The focus of this wonderful organization is to get the most money they can from the sale of vehicles or their parts. This does however, result in some limitations when it comes to what kind of used vehicles they are willing to accept. After all, they are trying to get the most they can out of every vehicle so that the money that comes from it can be stretched to reach further to those in need. When it comes to older vehicles, they do take vehicles that don’t run, but there are stipulations along with that. They will not accept a scrap car that is without wheels or without an engine. It also has to be easily accessible for the tow truck to retrieve it.

In our line of work, we’ve picked up scrap cars in every condition, and in every location, even the difficult ones. This is another great reason to choose selling your scrap vehicle to a licensed car buyer like More Cash For Scrap. We pick up junk cars from almost anywhere, even underground parking lots, or the back of your property out of a bush. We also buy scrap cars that don’t have wheels, rims, or even engines, which means you can basically sell us a shell of a car, get paid money for the weight of the metal, and give that money to a charity of your choosing, such as the Kidney Foundation of BC. That’s part of how we help you to help them; by giving you more money to put it where it matters the most.

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