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Lexus has always had a name for designing and building luxury sedans and SUVs, but even well-made vehicles have an expiration date to them. Sometimes, the expiration date hasn’t arrived yet, but many other mechanical issues have. This is when you will find yourself standing at the crossroads, debating about whether or not the repairs, vehicle downtime, and mechanic’s bills are worth the effort to keep an older vehicle running a little bit longer. We always hope that when we fix “this issue” with our used vehicles, that it means it’s going to be the last for a while. However, when the repairs either start being needed more frequently, or they are bigger problems than the last, that’s usually a sign that the worst is yet to come. That’s when you should seriously consider selling your used Lexus as a scrap car, because let’s be honest, who wants to buy a vehicle that is 10 years or older with mechanical problems? No one.

No one except for a professional scrap car buyer who knows how to have your car recycled in the best way possible to ensure that you get paid the most money for scrapping your car. When you spend big money on buying yourself a car or SUV like a Lexus, it doesn’t matter if it’s 10 or 20 years old, you’ll still want to get paid MORE cash for it to help ease the pain of letting it go.

We Buy All Models of Used & Scrap Lexus Vehicles

Lexus has been making cars for a long time, and as a product of Toyota, you know there will be many different models of vehicles as Toyota is also known for innovation. If you have any of the Lexus models in our list of vehicles, we want to buy it from you, even if it has issues or damage. Whatever issues you’ve experienced with your older Lexus that made you take it off the road, won’t bother us. We’ll still want to pay you MORE cold hard cash for your ride!

Types of Lexus sedans, sports cars, and hybrids we buy:

  • CT 200h (hybrid)
  • CT 200h F Sport (hybrid)
  • CT 200h Sports Luxury (hybrid)
  • CT 200h Premiere
  • IS 200
  • IS 200 Sportcross
  • IS 300
  • IS 300 Sportcross
  • ES 200
  • ES 240
  • ES 250
  • ES 260
  • ES 300
  • ES 300h (hybrid)
  • ES 330
  • ES 350
  • LS 400
  • LS 430
  • LS 460
  • LS 460 L
  • LS 500
  • LS 500h (hybrid)
  • LS 500 F Sport
  • LS 600h (hybrid)
  • LS 600h L (hybrid)
  • RC 300
  • RC 300h (hybrid)
  • RC 300h F Sport (hybrid)
  • RC 350
  • RC 350 Sports Luxury
  • LC 500
  • LC 500h (hybrid)
  • LC 500 Convertible
  • XF 30
  • XF 40

Lexus SUVs & Crossovers:

  • GX 400
  • GX 450
  • GX 460
  • GX 470
  • LX 450
  • LX 450d
  • LX 470
  • LX 570
  • LX 570 Sport
  • LX 570 Prestige
  • LX 570 Supercharger
  • NX 200t
  • NX 250
  • NX 300
  • NX 300h (hybrid)
  • NX 300h F Sport (hybrid)
  • NX 350
  • NX 350h (hybrid)
  • NX 450 +
  • NX 450h (hybrid)
  • RX 300
  • RX 350
  • RX 450h (hybrid)
  • RX 450h F Sport (hybrid)
  • UX 200
  • UX 250h (hybrid)
  • UX 260h (hybrid)
  • UX 300
  • UX 300e

Most Common Problems with Older Lexus Cars & SUVs

Lexus is the luxury line of Toyota, and with a name like Toyota behind it, you know the vehicle is bound to not only be well-made, it’s bound to have some decent longevity to it. But like anything built with a ton of moving parts, powered by combustion, there are bound to be some issues along the way. Below is a list of the most common issues with older Lexus vehicles. If you own a Lexus sedan or SUV, and are experiencing any issues with it, you may want to read carefully to see if your time with that vehicle is up.

1. Engine Oil Leaks – Many older Lexus owners have made numerous complaints about frequent and sudden oil leaks with their vehicles. Not only is the leak sudden, it’s of high volume. Some people reporting the loss of 4 quarts in just a few minutes, while others didn’t notice the leak until the engine seized. This was the result of the rubber oil line springing a leak, which was a design flaw by Lexus that affected many of the older RX350s. When you have a leak that is so large and sudden that you end of up with engine seizure, you know that it’s time to sell your car to a scrap car buyer because no one wants to replace an entire engine on any older vehicle. The cost is thousands, and the vehicles aren’t typically worth enough to warrant the repairs.

2. Vehicle Speed Control Issues – This was a particularly common problem with the 2007 and older models of the Lexus ES350. Customers reported sudden acceleration without actually depressing the gas pedal, and in fact, many had their foot on the brake pedal when their vehicle suddenly started trying to accelerate forward. Some consumers even experienced an accident as a result; crashing into a tree, crashing into a garage, etc. On top of the fact that their vehicle was accelerating when they were not wanting it to, because of a common airbag issue, many peoples air bags did not deploy after the accident. If you have an ES350 that is 2007 or older, you may want to consider selling it to us because if you haven’t experienced this common issue yet, you are driving a ticking time bomb.

3. Premature Transmission Failure – If you are the owner of a Lexus RX300 that is from the year 2000 or older, you may have experienced this catastrophic issue with your used Lexus. Due to a major design flaw in the transmission, many Lexus owners sadly had to replace the transmission on their vehicle prematurely. Some as early as 50,000kms, others had to do the replacement at 150,000kms, and some had to replace their blown transmission multiple times. When you are shelling out $45,000 or more for a vehicle, the last thing you expect to do is replace a failed transmission. Even though this became a known issue for the Lexus consumers, Lexus never issued a recall, and customers had to cover the cost of the repairs themselves. This is why the sales dropped on this vehicle, and many people just ended up scrapping their car instead of opting to do the very expensive repairs.

Vancouver Scrap Lexus Car Buying Company

If you are looking to sell a scrap or older model Lexus car, SUV, sports car or hybrid vehicle then you have come to the right place. We are Vancouver’s number one scrap car buying company. We offer more cash then any other junk car buyer or dealership. We also make it easy to sell your scrap Lexus vehicle. We do all the paperwork, offer free scrap car towing, make sure that your vehicle is recycled in an environmentally friendly way and always give no obligation free quotes on the true value of your vehicle.

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Whether you’re selling an old damaged Lexus after an accident, or simply want to get rid of an unwanted car or SUV, we are happy to buy it and always pay you MORE cash than anyone else in the scrap car buying industry. We operate 7 days a week, days and evening, so setting up an appointment time to get your scrap car picked up is easy and flexible. We provide customers with instant quotes, same day vehicle pick-up, and pay in cold hard cash before our driver leaves with your vehicle. If you’re looking to turn your Lexus trash into some cash, contact us today to find out how much your scrap Lexus could be worth!

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