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When it comes time to sell your older model, used, junk or scrap Smart car vehicle, why not get paid MORE for it? We’re always looking to buy old, damaged, or unwanted Smart cars. It’s okay if your vehicle doesn’t have keys, wheels, paperwork, or insurance because we will still pay you cold hard cash for it.

For over 20 years, we have been keeping clients happy in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley regions by providing the easiest and most profitable way for you to sell your used, junk, scrap, and older model vehicles for cash. Smart Cars are just one of many car brands that we are looking to buy.

We Buy All Scrap Smart Car Models

We aren’t picky when it comes to buying scrap cars from our customers. If it’s trash, we’ll give you cash! Here are just a few of the Smart car models we like to buy from our customers, but we also buy foreign models of Smart cars too. So, if you don’t see your Smart car on the list, but at looking to scrap your car for cash, give us a call and we’ll offer you a free quote on that too!

  • EQ ForTwo
  • EQ ForFour
  • EQ ForTwo Cabriolet
  • Crossblade
  • Smart ForMore
  • Smart Roadster

Most Common Problems with Smart Cars

Every vehicle has its share of perks and quirks. However, sometimes the quirks outweigh the perks and you end up with nothing more than headaches and mechanics bills. That’s when it’s time to consider cutting your losses and selling your scrap car for cash to a professional scrap car buyer like More Cash For Scrap. Below you’ll find a list of the most common issues to be on the look-out for with Smart car vehicles. If you notice any of the following problems with your Smart car, it may be time to talk with one of our friendly scrap car buyers.

  • Engine Fires – Yep, that’s right, your engine can randomly catch fire with Smart car models. This doesn’t happen just on occasion either, as many consumers have reported either full on spontaneous engine fires, or various parts of the engine melting and smoldering unexpectedly. This may be part of why you don’t see as many Smart cars on the road anymore as many people caught wind of the engine fires and elected to either sell their Smart car, or park it indefinitely. If you’re one of the ones who parked it indefinitely, it may be a better idea to recycle it for cash by scrapping a car with More Cash For Scrap.
  • Power Train Issues – Another very big issues amongst the Smart car brand of vehicles were power train problems. Consumers reported not being able to shift out of park and into either reverse or drive. This happened repeatedly for many consumers, and when they brought their car to the Mercedes-Benz dealership for repair, the dealerships were not able to duplicate the problem. This was a big reason why no official recall was issued, but many customers were forced to fix the issue themselves with private mechanics to try to save money. If you’re sitting on a Smart car that has power train issues, and you’d like to sell it for cash instead, contact us today.
  • Transmission Failure – This one is a pretty major issue as repairs for a failed transmission are thousands of dollars. Many Smart car owners reported their vehicle slipping while shifting gears while driving. Others noticed horrible engine noise and couldn’t get the car up a hill. Mercedes-Benz never issued a recall on the vehicle’s transmission, and consumers suspected it was to save money. However, many people ended up scrapping their vehicle, or tried to get it fixed as cheaply as possible, only to face the same issues. If you are one of the unlucky owners of a Smart car with transmission problems, it may be a better idea to recycle your car for cash instead of trying to fix it.

Get MORE Cash For Scrapping Your Smart Car

Even though Smart cars are typically a newer type of vehicle, sometimes they’ve had accidents and succumbed to major damage, or maybe there are other issues with it like big electrical problems, or a blown head gasket. Whatever the case, whatever it’s condition, we’ll buy your scrap vehicle from you for top dollar. Just give us a text, call or use or online quote form to start the process.

Our friendly and helpful scrap car buyers are available 7 days a week to help you make the right decision about scrapping your car for cash. We offer same day vehicle pick-up, every day of the week from 8:00am to 10:00pm, we provide you with an instant offer, we tow from anywhere in the lower mainland, and we always pay MORE cash for scrap cars than anyone else will! So, call us today to find out how much your junk car is worth.

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