Scrap Cars Can Do More Than Just Make You Money

(Though, who doesn’t love money?)

For many people, recycling old scrap cars mostly involves either taking their vehicle down to the dump and leaving it in the hands of the employees there, or calling a scrap car buying company to come and take away their old used vehicle. It’s, in our opinion, better to call a professional scrap car buyer because not only are you ensuring that the vehicle is recycled in an environmentally friendly and ethical way, you are also getting paid money for scrapping your car. Especially when you choose to scrap your car with More Cash For Scrap, because we always pay MORE cash than anyone else!

But there are other people who, instead of contacting a professional licensed scrap car buyer like us, choose to transform their old broken-down vehicle into something completely unexpected. What they come up with will shock and amaze you.

Scrap Cars Transformed into Amazing & Practical Art

Some people take recycling their old vehicle into their own hands by way of repurposing it or its parts into something entirely different than it once was. Sometimes, they even leave the job to someone else like a local artist or creatively gifted friend. Of all the things that happen to a junked vehicle after it gets deemed with salvage status, art is not one thing you typically expect. However, here are some amazing images of various kinds of art created by junked automobiles and their parts. You may not have the creativity or ingenuity to create these unique works of art and make money off of them, but thankfully you don’t need to because we’ll happily pay you cash for scrap cars of any make or model.


1. Engine Block Wine Bottle Holder

Well, this is one way to repurpose an old engine block. It’s definitely a mechanic who has a love of wine that came up with this incredible idea. There are various takes on the engine block wine rack, including one that utilizes a single pane of glass on top to create a side table that also doubles as a wine rack. No more running down to the basement or wine cellar to serve your guests, just reach down to the bottom of your side table and voila!



2. Ford Mustang Pool Table

Nothing says car restoration like a classic Ford Mustang that has been totally restored. Or at least the bottom half of it? That’s what a man from Florida did, who’s 2 great loves were pool and classic cars. When he told his friends he was restoring an old Mustang, it’s likely that they didn’t think he meant into a pool table, but that’s what he did. Not only did he utilize an old scrap vehicle into something amazing and even practical, but he’s gotten recognition throughout social media around the world for his creative use of a junk car that was originally destined for the scrap yard.


3. The Volkswagen Bug Garden


No, we don’t mean a garden of bugs, we mean a garden in a bug! I guess when you’ve had a scrap vehicle sitting on your property for so long, just accumulating rust and losing value, you ultimately give up and use it as a giant planter box? Whatever the case, the fresh coat of bright yellow paint on this old rusted out Volkswagen sure made the beautiful flowers it now houses pop. That’s definitely one unique way to repurpose and recycle a junk vehicle. Now if only it made you money like how we do when you sell your scrap car to us!




4. Chevrolet Truck Bench

It’s a relatively common issue that on old trucks, especially old work trucks or farm trucks, that the tailgates fall off. They’ve been opened and closed a million plus times over the years, and repeatedly slammed into things that don’t quite fit in the truck bed. Tailgates are used as picnic tables on the job site, a bed extender when we’re moving friends to a new apartment, and even a bench when we’re teaching our kiddo to fish for the first time. No wonder so many people love to repurpose old truck tailgates into actual benches. Some people construct a country chic bench for the garden or near a pond on their property. Others recycle a newer truck tailgate into a more modern bench meant for a man cave that has that garage feel to it.

5. Cow Sculpture on a Dairy Cow Farm

One of the most unique recycled scrap car arts around, just has to be this giant dairy cow sculpture made by Finnish artist Miina Äkkijyrkkä. Not only is she an amazing artist who loves to work with various mediums, including scrap cars, she is a dairy cow advocate. She is noted for saying that she tries to view life from a cow’s point of view, and judging by the accuracy in her depiction of this giant scrap car cow, it’s obvious she’s quite committed. Nevertheless, it’s another amazing piece of art created entirely by recycled scrap cars and scrap car parts.

Recycle Your Car with Us!

You may think that the art pictured above is incredible, and super inspiring. Most people however, don’t have the time or money to invest into such involved art projects that are simply made from scrapping your car. For the rest of us who want to recycle our car and get paid money for doing it, there’s More Cash For Scrap. We offer our scrap car removal services 7 days a week, from 8:00am until 10:00pm, and we can usually provide scrap car pick up within a few hours, sometimes minutes. We offer instant quotes over the phone or thru text, we pay in cold hard cash, and we always pay MORE cash for scrap cars than anyone else.

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