Scrap Car Metals – Aluminum

scrap car metals - aluminum

Aluminum is another valuable scrap metal that can be found in many old and used cars, trucks, SUV’s and vans.

Why is Aluminum Valuable?

Aluminum is the perfect material for recycling because there are no limitations as to how many times it can be recycled. Aluminum is recycled by melting it down into a liquid form and then moulded it into new objects. Aluminum can to be melted down over and over again and not loose its valuable properties of great strength with lightweight.

Aluminum is just another reason why all scrap cars have inherent value. For this reason, you can make good money scrapping your old car, as the aluminum within it can be recycled and used by a number of global industries.

Scrap Aluminum Price

The Canadian price for scrap aluminum is in constant fluctuation and it can affect the value of your scrap car.

The Sources of Scrap Aluminum

The automotive industry loves aluminum because of its high strength to weight ratio. The main source of aluminum found in all vehicles is located in the chassis or “frame” of the car or truck. The chassis is one of the most critical components of the vehicle and it needs to be strong, as it holds the car together. The larger the vehicle the more aluminum is generally contained within it.

Other vehicle parts that use aluminum can be found in the electrical wiring, wheels, rims, lamps, transmission, air conditioner condenser and pipes, engine block and parts such as: pistons, radiators and cylinder heads.

Did you know the average four door family sedan contains about 300 pounds of aluminum?

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