Scrap Car Metals – Steel

scrap car metals - steel

The most abundant scrap metal in your car is steel. Steel is also most likely to be the most valuable part of a scrap car, truck, van or SUV. The larger the vehicle the more steel it will contain.

Why is Steel Valuable?

Steel is highly valued because of its many unique properties, uses and ability to be recycled and re-used for a variety of industries. Steel is strong, light-weight and durable. Steel has been one of the most common materials used in car manufacturing for many decades.

This is why all scrap cars have inherent value. Because they all contain steel. For this reason, you can make good money scrapping your car, as the steel within it can be recycled and used by a number of global industries.

Scrap Steel Price

The global price for steel is in constant fluctuation and it can affect the value of your scrap car.

The Sources of Steel

The main source of steel found in all vehicles is located in the chassis also known as the “car frame”. The chassis is one of the most critical components of the vehicle and it needs to be strong, as it holds the car together. The steel chassis gives the car enough strength to hold it all together and is ultimately the crash structure that protects you in the event of an accident.

All vehicles also contains steel in my of their other parts such as: body panels, doors, the hood and rooftop.

Did you know the average four door family sedan contains about 2,400 pounds of steel?

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