Are There Laws in BC To Prevent Noisy Vehicles?

Noisy Vehicles

We all hear those older suped-up Honda CRX’s and Civics ripping it down the road in the middle of summer. They sound like trucks in some cases, but in reality, they are still just small cars with extremely loud exhaust.

In other cases, there are big trucks that somehow sound like a Harley-Davidson or some other extremely loud vehicle, when they really shouldn’t. This is because there are some vehicle owners who love their vehicle to sound much bigger, louder, and perhaps tougher than it does. Others simply just love the sound of loud exhaust for whatever reason.

And while some of us may not understand why they love the sound of a rattling exhaust pipe, or that growly revved up engine that reverberates throughout the neighbourhood, we all do our best to co-exist.

For those of us who just can’t handle the noise that our neighbour, co-worker, or even our family member’s car produces, we ask ourselves the question, “are there any laws in British Columbia to prevent excessively noisy vehicles?”. We will discover that in today’s blog post.

Is It Illegal to Have a Noisy Vehicle in BC?

As a professional scrap car removal company that has been buying scrap cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley since 2005, we’ve seen and heard it all.

Noisy vehicles, vehicles with severe structural damage, and sometimes a combination of both. A lot of times we are surprised that the vehicles we buy are even still running!

However, while some of them may still be operational, they really shouldn’t be because of safety issues, or of course, the loud noises they produce.

Yes, it is illegal to have a noise vehicle in British Columbia according to Division 7A of the Motor Vehicle Act. However, the noise much be deemed not only excessive, but it must also be unnecessary.

Division 7A of the BC Motor Vehicle Act states the following:

“No person shall start, drive, turn or stop any motor vehicle, or accelerate the vehicle engine while the vehicle is stationary, in a manner which causes any loud and unnecessary noise in or from the engine, exhaust system or the braking system, or from the contact of the tires with the roadway.”

In addition to the statement above, there are usually other factors that come into play before an RCMP officer or CSVE officer issues a ticket for excessive noise. They aren’t usually only listening for a violation, but typically will also look for something that is considered a violation as well.

Things Like:

  • Rotting vehicle parts
  • Missing or severely damage vehicle parts
  • Wreckless driving habits
  • Unsafe stopping or starting
  • Billowing exhaust fumes
  • Severe leaks that are noticeable while driving

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Can You Get a Ticket for Having a Vehicle That is Too Noisy?

Cash for scrap cars with noisy vehicle parts

Usually, if you’re turning heads while driving down the street, it’s a clear indicator that your vehicle is making far more noise than it should be. However, some sounds aren’t nearly as loud on the inside of a vehicle as they are on the outside, so you might be unaware just how offensive your vehicle’s noises are to other people.

Generally, you’ll only be ticketed by authorities if your vehicle noise is extremely loud, and ongoing. The occasional squealing or screeching of brakes isn’t usually a cause for concern. However, if they squeal non-stop, even when you are not actually braking, you could be at risk for being ticketed.

What Types of Noise Are Considered Excessive?

  • Very loud music (especially with excessive bass)
  • Very loud exhaust
  • Rattling loose parts or components that disturb the public
  • Trucks with loose louds that rattle when transported
  • Vehicles that are towing a recreational or utility vehicle that generate loud noise
  • Skidding tires from braking intentionally hard
  • Unreasonable brake screeching, squealing, or whining
  • A horn that won’t shut off

What Types of Noise Are Not Considered Excessive?

  • Reasonable brake noise such as squealing or screeching only when braking
  • Rattling loads on trucks like ladders, landscaping equipment, etc.
  • Loud music that doesn’t physically shake the vehicle or others around it
  • Tire skidding with the purpose of avoiding an accident
  • Screaming or cheering out of your car in a brief celebratory manner

Additionally, if you have multiple loud noises coming from your car because of multiple issues, you’re even more likely to be pulled over and receive a ticket. In some cases, you can even be issued a Notice and Order to repair the part of your vehicle that is generating the loud sound

How Loud is Too Loud on a Vehicle?

Discerning what is actually considered too loud can be tricky, because it really depends on who hears it, how they interpret it, and whether or not it is ongoing, not just an isolated incident.

Much like the old saying, “If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it really make a sound?”, the loudness is entirely subject to whether or not an authority figure hears it, or if a bystander hears it and makes an effort to complain to authorities.

In general, vehicles are required to stay under a certain level of decibels, depending on the type of vehicle.

Noisy Vehicle Bylaws

This strictly pertains to noises caused by mechanical issues, general operational sounds, and any loose or damaged parts that generate sound while being operated.

The Allotted Sound Decibels is as Follows:

Class of Vehicle:

Light duty

Gasoline-driven heavy duty


Diesel-driven heavy duty

Maximum Allowable Sound Pressure Level (DBA)





What Happens If I Get Pulled Over for Having a Noisy Vehicle?

Typically, depending on what the noise violation is pertaining to, you’ll be given a written warning, or a Notice and Order to correct the issue that is causing the noise (if it is due to structural or mechanical circumstances).

Usually, a Notice and Order will require you to rectify the problem within a certain time period, and then demand that you present your vehicle for inspection before it can be re-insured or allowed back on BC roadways.

This is usually in extreme cases though, so don’t worry too much about it!

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The majority of vehicles that get served with a Notice and Order are commercial vehicles because they spend significantly more time on city roadways than vehicles deemed for personal use. If you received an Notice and Order, and your vehicle failed the inspection, consider selling it to More Cash For Scrap instead.

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Cash for Cars with Mechanical Issues

Catalytic converter filtering exhaust

As a professional scrap car removal company that has been in business since 2005, we know that people sell scrap cars for a variety of different reasons. And when the vehicle that they are selling is extremely noisy, it is usually caused by a mechanical failure of some sort.

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We Buy Scrap Vehicles With:

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  • Scrap vehicles with severe brake system problems
  • Vehicles with minor to major collision damage
  • ICBC write-offs
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  • Vehicles that have failed inspection
  • Any unwanted vehicle for any reason!

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