New Year’s Eve Car Burning Tradition

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In British Columbia, many of us spend our New Year’s dancing it up at a local club, pub, or bar. Or perhaps we take in the sights of Downtown Vancouver while enjoying a few laughs with friends and family. Others may spend it indoors with good friends and great drinks.

However, a typical New Year’s tradition in France is considerably different than that of any known New Year’s tradition in Canada… They light cars on fire.

On New Year’s Eve of 2021, the residents of Strasbourg, France took to the streets and ignited over 860 vehicles. Instead of hearing the pop of nearby fireworks, or the cheers of partygoers shouting, “happy new year”, the sound that was heard throughout the streets was that of vehicles exploding after being lit on fire.

Why Do the French Light Cars on Fire for New Year’s Eve?

Much like any outrageous act, this tradition is thought to have stemmed from the public expressing their feelings of outrage with community and world violence, frustrations about inflation and overall financial crisis, and many other government policies that are frowned upon by the residents.

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Much like how the Vancouver Police Department tries to shut down every riot that takes place after a Stanley Cup loss in BC, the French Police make every effort to snuff out the burning tradition, but to no avail. Although they can’t stop the annual burning of the cars, the French government and police have done their best to minimize the publicity that it brings.

Hence why you probably haven’t really heard of it until today, even though the tradition originally started decades ago.

Unusual New Year’s Even Traditions from France

There are many unique and unusual New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world, but only one that involves burning cars, which hails from a specific region in France.

It may sound extremely unusual, but several other neighbouring towns have also adopted this tradition. The only thing is that they don’t publicly flaunt it as much as the town of Strasbourg where it originates from, for fear of being shut down.

This is a big reason why the original regions that started the tradition try so hard to keep it on the down low (or at least their government and local authorities do anyways). The fear is that if other towns start following suit, there will be annual competitions to see which town can burn the most cars. Thus, causing a massive increase of vehicles burned, and responsive chaos as well.

Tesla Vehicles Catching on Fire in BC

While it may be entertaining to watch your old, scrap vehicle go up in flames on New Year’s Eve, it’s less appealing when you’re watching the fire from the inside of the vehicle. Which was the case last year with a local BC man whose Tesla caught on fire while he was still inside of it.

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The man narrowly escaped from his Tesla after it spontaneously caught fire and the doors would not unlock. It was in every newspaper and plastered all over CTV and Global News. Shortly after, many other consumers reported similar instances with their Tesla vehicles, and Tesla promptly issued a recall.

To add insult to injury, Tesla recalled over 2 million vehicles due to a malfunctioning auto pilot system. So, not only do their vehicles catch on fire, they also may crash unexpectedly when you rely on the auto pilot feature.

Fortunately for the Tesla owners who reside in the Lower Mainland, there’s a company who buys collision damaged cars, as well as fire damaged cars… More Cash For Scrap!

Cash for Cars with Fire Damage

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Naturally, scrap car removal companies like us would love to see this become an annual tradition here in BC. Particularly in the Metro Vancouver or Fraser Valley regions where we offer MORE cash for scrap cars than our competitors.

We also buy a great deal of vehicles that have minor to major fire damage. If your vehicle has been involved in a fire after an accident, as part of a house fire, or even something simple like your engine overheating, we’ll buy it.

We always offer MORE cash for cars with fire damage than any other scrap car buyers in the Lower Mainland. This is why we’ve been the #1 scrap car removal company for all of Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley since 2005.

Cash for Collision Damaged Vehicles

It’s true that we buy MORE scrap cars than any other scrap car removal company in Metro Vancouver. However, some vehicles that come to us aren’t your typical old, rusted, decrepit junk car. Some are newer vehicles that have simply been involved in a bad collision. Regardless of what you’re selling or why, we are happy to make an offer on damaged cars too!

We Are Always Looking to Buy:

  • Vehicles with front or rear-end damage
  • Vehicles with deployed airbags
  • Vehicles with fire or water damage caused by a collision
  • Vehicles with bent frames
  • Vehicles with bent axles
  • T-boned vehicles
  • ICBC write-offs
  • Vehicles with steering or suspension issues after an accident

No matter what kind of damage your vehicle has sustained, we are here and happy to offer you MORE cash for scrap cars than any other used car or scrap car buyers in Vancouver.

Scrap Your Car for Cash in Vancouver Today

We always pay MORE cash for scrap cars than any other scrap car removal companies in the Lower Mainland. Plus, we provide same day vehicle removal, free junk car towing services, and the best customer service in the industry.

Some junk car removal companies will charge you to have your car removed from your property. Others say they don’t charge, but they offer you much less when you require vehicle pick up. And others charge you outright or expect you to bring your scrap car to them.

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At More Cash For Scrap, we do things differently. We offer MORE cash for cars than any other junk car buyers in Vancouver, while always providing free towing services. We know that more often than not, junk cars don’t run, so why would we expect you to bring your car to us? We wouldn’t.

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How Much Cash for Cars Do We Pay?

It’s true that we live and operate by our namesake by always paying MORE cash for scrap cars in Vancouver, but every vehicle we buy is unique. That’s why we need to get the details of the junk car you want to sell before making you a firm offer.

Give us a call and provide us with the make, model, year, and condition of your vehicle. If you’re still able to retrieve the number of kilometres on it, let us know that too. Then, provide us with the vehicle’s pickup location.

Our scrap car buyers will make you an offer based off of all the information you’ve provided us, plus the current metal weight data in the metal recycling market. We combine everything to give you an instant cash offer right over the phone, and we always pay MORE!

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