Cash for Cars in the Fraser Valley

Scrap car removal Fraser Valley

Our name may be More Cash For Scrap, but we buy so much MORE than just scrap cars. We also pay the most cash for cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans that are newer, but that have mechanical issues, electrical problems, or body damage due to an accident or prolonger weather exposure. No other scrap car removal company in the Fraser Valley offers MORE cash for cars than we do!

Since 2005, we’ve been the Fraser Valley’s favourite scrap car buyers. That’s because we truly buy vehicles in any condition, for any reason. Whether it’s a total write-off from ICBC, or has some minor or even major mechanical issues, we’ll buy it. Mystery electrical issue? No problem! We’ll buy it.

We pick up vehicles from anywhere with our free junk car towing service. This is why the Fraser Valley chooses More Cash For Scrap for everything scrap car removal over anyone else. So, not only do you get MORE cash for cars when you sell your car to us, you get it removed absolutely free. No other scrap car removal company in the Valley can say the same!

MORE Cash for Cars with Electrical Problems

Scrap car removal Fraser Valley

Once of the most commonly seen scrap car issue we see is an electrical issue. The reason this renders most older vehicles as junk is because they can be extremely expensive to repair.

Not only do mechanics like our friends at Dolphin Automotive need to find what the problem is with electrical issues, they also need to find its source, and unfortunately, that can take hours upon hours to resolve. This is why we pay so much cash for cars with electrical problems in the Fraser Valley.

Many of the most common electrical problems on vehicles we buy are:

  • Wiring problems like broken, loose, or damaged wires
  • Alternator issues
  • Voltage issues from the alternator or battery
  • Issues with power windows, door locks, interior lighting
  • Spark plug issues
  • Burned out or blowing fuses due to voltage problems
  • Check engine and other indicator lights that won’t turn off
  • Faulty or malfunctioning sensors
  • Starter issues caused by an electrical problem
  • Bad or malfunctioning connectors
  • Battery problems

Vehicles are temperamental at the best of times, and when your vehicle is older, has been in a collision, or has known recalls on it, it can be a nightmare. Particularly when it comes to anything electrical.

Cash for Cars with Collision Damage

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In a place as busy as the Lower Mainland, even the Fraser Valley (a much more rural area), can be crowded and crazy at times on the road. And when you’re commuting on Highway 1 between Chilliwack and Abbotsford, the variable speed corridor can be tricky. This leads to many accidents, fender benders, and vehicles ending up in the ditch.

Fortunately, More Cash For Scrap offers MORE cash for scrap cars that have collision damage or have been written off by ICBC.

Get MORE Cash for Collision Damaged Cars:

  • Front-end damage
  • Deployed airbags
  • Rear-end damage
  • Complete write-offs
  • Vehicles with mechanical or electrical problems as a result of an accident
  • Vehicles with bent frames
  • Broken or bent axles
  • Vehicles missing portions or parts of them
  • Vehicles with structural damage of any kind
  • Collision damaged vehicles with extensive rust from sitting too long

We truly don’t discriminate when it comes to buying collision damaged vehicles. No matter how much damage your vehicle incurred, we’ll buy it and offer you MORE cash for it than any other scrap car removal company in the Fraser Valley.

Cash for Cars with Mechanical Issues


Mechanical problems are something that affect every vehicle on the road; new or old. However, when your vehicle has significant age behind it, or exceptionally high kilometres, it can and will be more prone to mechanical issues of every kind.

At More Cash For Scrap, you can sell your car with mechanical failure and you’ll get MORE cash for it than the other guys have offered. No one pays MORE cash for cars with mechanical issues in the Fraser Valley than we do!

We Buy Scrap Cars Such As:

  • Vehicles with blown transmissions
  • Cars with dead engines
  • Work vehicles with multiple mechanical issues
  • Vehicles with blown head gaskets
  • Cars, trucks, SUVs, or vans with suspension issues
  • Vehicles with MAJOR brake issues
  • Junk cars with transmission issues like slipping, shuddering, or linkage problems
  • Vehicles with misfiring or overheating engines
  • Scrap vehicles with CV joint issues, wheel bearing issues, or needing a turbo replacement
  • Vehicles with bent valves from a failed timing belt
  • Vehicles with major alignment issues
  • Leaking oil, coolant, water pump, etc
  • Scrap cars with exhaust system issues needing replacement or repair

There are a million things that can go wrong on a vehicle. However, More Cash For Scrap is here to help be a solution to common car problems. We offer MORE cash for cars with mechanical issues than any other scrap car buyers in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, and Hope.

Cash for Cars that Have Been Sitting Too Long

It’s a common misconception that when your vehicle finally kicks the bucket, you can leave it in your driveway or garage for however long you want until you decide what to do with it. Wrong!

Mission junk car removal

Leaving a vehicle to sit for extended periods of time does actually hurt and reduce its overall value, despite popular belief. Many people think this isn’t the case, but it is, in fact.

Just because an old, unwanted vehicle doesn’t have much value left in it, doesn’t mean it isn’t still worth something.

When you let a vehicle sit for long periods of time, you run the risk of value components and parts seizing up. Also, if the car is parked outside, you put it at risk for vandalism from people, rodents and wildlife, or even household pets. Thus, further depreciating your vehicle from the little value that remains within it.

With More Cash For Scrap, we always offer MORE cash for scrap cars. However, the longer you leave your car to sit, the more you risk losing MORE money. That’s why you should use the prompt and professional scrap car removal services of More Cash For Scrap today.

Cash for Broken Cars, Trucks, SUVs, & Vans

Regardless of why you are selling your vehicle, we’ll buy it and always offer MORE cash for scrap cars than the other guys. From cosmetic damage to completely rusted-out junkers to vehicles with some minor imperfections. We buy cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans for MORE cash than our competitors!

We Buy Vehicles With:

  • Cosmetic damage like dents, dings, and minor rust
  • Vehicles with interior damage due to fires, floods, mould, mildew, or rodent infestations
  • Work vehicles with excessive wear and tear
  • 4×4 vehicles that have damage, suspension problems, etc
  • Commuter cars with REALLY high kilometres
  • Vehicles with interior leaks
  • Vehicles left sitting outside too long with major rust or mould problems
  • Out of province vehicles with failed inspections
  • Vehicles from out of the country with mechanical issues
  • Vehicles missing parts or having damaged parts (like holes in the floorboard)
  • Junk cars that have been sitting for a VERY long time (inside or outside)

We are the Fraser Valley’s favourite used and scrap car buyer for a reason. Since 2005, we’ve worked hard to offer MORE cash for scrap cars, while making the process of scrapping a car, quick, easy, and MORE profitable than our competitors.

The Fraser Valley’s Best Choice for Scrap Car Removal

Junk Car Removal

Regardless of why you are selling a vehicle, no matter what has happened to it, More Cash For Scrap will offer you MORE cash for scrap cars than any other scrap car removal company in the Fraser Valley. From Hope to Chilliwack to Abbotsford to Mission, we have your scrap car removal needs covered!

We know that not every person plans to scrap their vehicle in advance. Sometimes, the need to scrap a car comes from the need for more parking space for a growing family. Getting that old beater out of your garage would help a lot with storage AND parking, wouldn’t it?

Also, sometimes a scrap car happens upon circumstance. Like when you’re driving home on Highway 1 through Chilliwack after a long trip home from the Kootenays. Suddenly, after 9 hours of driving, you slowly drift off to sleep and wake up in a ditch, with nothing more than a write-off left for a vehicle.

Anything can happen on the road, and any reason can be a good one for scrapping a car for cash. If you want MORE cash for scrap cars in the Fraser Valley, sell your car to More Cash For Scrap. We always pay MORE!

Sell Your Car, Truck, SUV, or Van Today for MORE Cash

Cash for scrap cars Fraser Valley

There are so many different scrap car removal companies, used car buyers, and even random guys on the internet who claim they’ll offer you the most cash for cars in the Fraser Valley. However, more often than not, it’s an illusion.

When some other scrap car removal companies claim that they’ll offer you a set price for your car, they usually sneak in the words “up to”. As in, “we’ll pay you up to $500”. When in reality, what they are really saying, is that your car could potentially be worth that, but they won’t actually be paying you that price.

They wait until their tow truck arrives at your home to make a firm offer, and it’s usually much lower than what was implied over the phone. Then, you are left with the choice of excepting much less cash for your car, or turning the tow truck away. This isn’t the right way to do business in our opinion, and it is most certainly not how we do business here at More Cash For Scrap.

When we say we’ll pay you a specific price over the phone, that’s the price you’ll actually get. We don’t deduct from our offer once we see your car in person, and we don’t charge for towing once we assess how difficult your car might be to retrieve. When we say we pay MORE cash for cars than the other guys, we mean it, and are 100% transparent about it.

How Much Can You Sell Your Car for in the Fraser Valley?

Every vehicle that we buy gets a completely different offer because every vehicle is different. Some have a better maintenance history, and others have extensive collision damage. Some are still running but require big repairs to keep them going. So, we need to properly assess your vehicle first. This can be done right over the phone.

Provide us with the make, model, year, and condition of your junk car. If you’re still able to retrieve the number of kilometres it has on it, let us know that too. Then, we’ll make you an offer based off of all the information that you’ve given us, the current market prices for metal weights, and the overall demand for what type of vehicle that you have.


Our offer is made right on the spot over the phone. If you accept the offer, we’ll arrange for our free towing service to come pick up your car that very day. We are happy to accommodate specific days and times too if you prefer.

Our tow truck driver will load your vehicle up on our flat deck, then pay you cash in hand before leaving. Scrap car removal really can be that easy when you scrap your car with More Cash For Scrap!

Paying MORE Cash for Cars in the Fraser Valley

Since 2005, we’ve been buying cars and scrapping them for MORE cash for our Fraser Valley customers. We proudly operate throughout all areas of the Valley, even the most rural parts.

We Service:

The Fraser Valley is home to many little sub-communities and districts. So, even if the area that you reside in isn’t listed above, give our scrap car buying team a call. Chances are, if you’re anywhere in the Lower Mainland, we’ll pay you MORE cash for your scrap car today!

Scrap Car Removal in the Fraser Valley Region

There are so many different reasons that our customers have to scrap a car for cash. Although there are many scrap car removal companies in the Fraser Valley, there is only one that offers everything you need… More Cash For Scrap!

What We Offer:

  • Instant cash offers on ALL scrap vehicles
  • Same day scrap car removal
  • MORE cash for cars in the Fraser Valley than the other guys
  • Free towing services including roadside vehicle pick-up
  • A professional, licensed, reliable car buying service
  • The best customer service in the scrap car removal industry
  • MORE cash for scrap cars than any other scrap car removal company in the Fraser Valley!

Even if your vehicle is from out of the province, out of the country, is a total write-off, or still running but in need of some very expensive repairs, we’ll buy it. Don’t let the competition fool you into thinking you’ve got a good deal from them, because we are the only scrap car buyers who truly pay MORE!

Contact Our Scrap Car Removal Specialists Today!


All it takes is a simple call or text to get the ball rolling. We can offer you a great price on your junk car without any obligation from you to accept it. If you’d like to find out what your vehicle is worth, give one of our team members a call today.

It only takes a few minutes, there’s no obligation, and we are happy to answer any questions that you might have about the scrap car removal process.

Give us a call and find out for yourself why we are the Fraser Valley’s #1 scrap car removal company since 2005. You’ll be glad you did!