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If you have an older Land Rover SUV that you’ve been considering selling, but weren’t sure if it was worth it due to some issues it might have, consider More Cash For Scrap. We offer MORE cash for scrap Land Rovers than any other scrap car buyer. That’s because we know there’s a huge following of enthusiasts for these vehicles, and we know how to recycle and repurpose their parts better than anyone. That’s why it’s smarter to sell your car for cash to a professional scrap car buyer like us!

Since 2005, we’ve been paying MORE cash for scrap cars than anyone else in our industry. However, if you’re thinking that you’re Land Rover couldn’t possibly be a scrap car, think again. There are many reasons why vehicles, even Land Rovers, get classified as junk.

Most Common Land Rover Issues on Older Models

Even though Land Rovers are known for being well-made luxurious SUVs, even high-end model vehicles have an expiration date. With a vehicle like this, you’re generally looking at high kilometers, body damage, or the start of rust, when we talk about it as a scrap car. Fortunately, we pay MORE cash for scrap Land Rovers than anyone.

But like any vehicle on the market, even quality vehicles have their share of problems. Land Rover has had several complaints, recalls, and investigations about reoccurring issues with their vehicles. Here are some of the most common issues that people who own, or have owned Land Rovers have experienced. Perhaps you are currently experiencing these issues. Or maybe previously dealt with some of them on your Land Rover. If you have, or are, and are looking to sell, give us a call. We pay MORE cash for scrap Land Rovers than anyone, and we offer free in-person appraisals.

Oil Leaks & Electrical Problems

When people purchase a Land Rover, they usually are expecting that after spending $60,000+ on a vehicle that they’ve managed to circumvent any major problems, at least for the first 100,000kms., but they’d be wrong. Many Land Rover owners experience blown head gaskets, heater core failures, and excessive oil leaking, all prior to even accumulating 60,000kms on their vehicles. If you have any of these issues, especially more than once, you should contact us to see what we’ll buy your used Land Rover for.

Brakes Failing

Due to a flexible brake hose recall on older Land Rover models, mainly the 2007 – 2012 models, many people experienced slower braking power and, in some cases, were involved in an accident as a result of reduced braking power. Once Land Rover realized the severity and frequency that this was occurring across their vehicles from these years, they instantly recalled all the vehicles to get the problem fixed.

Many people however, never got the recall notice, and many older Land Rovers that have brake problems are still on the road, just waiting for their turn at this issue. If you have an older used Land Rover, you should get the brakes checked immediately.

Sunroof Leaks

Now, to be fair, this can happen with any vehicle that has a sunroof, but it’s predominantly common amongst any of Land Rover’s vehicles. Many consumers have complained about water leaks inside their vehicle coming from their sunroof, and this is simply because of the design and construction of all sunroofs in older Land Rovers. This happens because of pinched sunroof drains, and seems to still be happening to this day.

If you’re planning on parking your Land Rover outside, you may want to think again to avoid getting mold in your vehicle’s interior. When you pay this much for a vehicle, the last thing you want to have to do is pay more to get replacement parts and your interior redone due to mold and mildew build up inside.

MORE Cash for Scrap Land Rovers in Vancouver

Land Rovers are generally pretty well-built vehicles, and they represent what luxury SUVs should be very, very well. However, some Land Rover model vehicles get scrapped sooner than later due to various issues they have, or simply because they’ve been in an accident. If you have a Land Rover that has mold or mildew inside the vehicle, that could earn it a junk car label. Since Land Rovers are expensive vehicles, having to replace anything in its interior could cost a pretty penny, and if it’s an older Land Rover, it may not be worth it.


Another reason why people scrap their Land Rovers prematurely is from extensive body damage. Also, even minimal body damage can produce rust and cause big expense. When a vehicle is in an accident, ICBC could want to write it off and give you far less than what it’s worth. Many people opt to keep their vehicle on the road (as long as the frame isn’t bent) and for-go getting a new vehicle to avoid taking the hit of a financial loss.

After years of driving an SUV with body damage due to an accident, rust starts to form around the areas of impact. Also, having a vehicle with structural issues sitting outside in the rain can produce more rust. This may mean it’s time to scrap your car, and no one pays MORE cash for scrap cars than More Cash For Scrap!

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