Selling a Scrap Car Without Registration in BC

You may be wondering if you can sell a junk car when you don’t actually have the registration papers proving that you are the registered owner. Sometimes, you never even had the paperwork for the vehicle because maybe it belonged to a loved one who has since passed away, and the vehicle has either been left to you, or has just been sitting in their driveway while you are trying to sort out the sale of their estate, including their home. There are even occasions where you purchased the automobile off of someone and you were never given the registration because it was a vehicle like an old campervan that was never used for anything but housing your cousin in your driveway, which is what it was used for before it was sold to you. The one fortunate thing about any of these scenarios is that there are scrap car removal companies that can help with not only buying a junk vehicle from you, but will do so without any paperwork. More Cash For Scrap is one of those scrap car removal companies.

We Buy Junk Vehicles Without Paperwork

So, how exactly do we buy a junk car off of someone when it’s stated on our site that you must be the registered owner to sell us a scrap car? Well, there are a couple ways. The first way, which involves a bit of work on your end, is to head over to an insurance agency like Westland Insurance, located all over the lower mainland, and show them your photo ID and VIN to the vehicle (if you have it, if not, just your ID will work too). They can look up who the last registered owner to the vehicle was, and even assist with finding out if you can legally sell the vehicle if it belonged to a deceased family member. Alternately, you can do this with ICBC directly by visiting any of their Motor Vehicle branches throughout the lower mainland.

Another way to sell your junk car without registration in BC is by providing us with your photo ID and filling out a declaration stating that you are either the registered owner, or that you are legally allowed to sell the vehicle even though it is not in your name. We will provide you with one of these forms if you  are unable to produce paperwork for your junk car. Just another great reason to choose a reliable and well known scrap car removal company when you decide to sell your junk vehicle.

Choose a Licensed and Professional Scrap Car Removal Company

There may be many scrap car removal businesses out there nowadays, but should you trust any Joe Shmoe with a phone number that calls himself a scrapper? Probably not. If you don’t do your research, you could end up getting paid much less than you are entitled to. Plus, unless you use a scrap car buyer like us, you don’t know for certain that your car is actually being scrapped, or if it’s being scrapped in an environmentally friendly and ethical way. Keeping BC beautiful is one of the reasons you should always choose a reputable scrap car buyer. When selecting a scrap car removal business, take a look at their online reviews, check out their current standing with the Better Business Bureau, and most of all, ask around! People love to share good experiences they have with companies. So, look up the business you’re considering on Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter because word of mouth is one of the best ways to know who you are dealing with when it comes to selling any kind of  vehicle, even a scrap one.

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