How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Transmission?

Replacing a Transmission

It’s typically never a good thing when you need to take your car to the mechanic for anything other than your usual oil change or tire rotation. That’s why when we get hit with the bad news that our vehicle needs a new transmission, it can be a little overwhelming.

Discerning whether or not it’s worthwhile for you to replace your vehicle’s transmission is something that takes careful consideration of all the factors that go along with such a big repair. Things like your vehicle’s overall current value, how much money you’ve spent on repairs in recent years, and if keeping your car on the road is even still practical.

Before deciding to do such a big repair on your car, truck, SUV, or minivan, read this blog post to help you make the best decision for your needs.

Signs You Need a New Transmission

Much like when anything starts to go on your car, there are usually warning signs that your transmission is on its way out. If you drive an older vehicle, or one with a high number of kilometres, it’s important to keep an eye and ear out for any possible symptoms that your transmission is failing.

Symptoms Your Transmission Needs Replacing:

  • Your check engine light is on
  • Your vehicle struggles to get into gear when shifting from park
  • Gears are slipping
  • Hard shifting during acceleration or deceleration
  • Sluggish performance
  • Transmission noises like grinding, banging, whistling, or grumbling
  • Possible fluid leaks (especially red fluid which is your transmission fluid)
  • Miscellaneous drive train problems
  • Burning smells

If you notice any combination of the above signs and symptoms that you need a new transmission, get your vehicle serviced by a professional transmission mechanic asap.

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How Much Does an Automatic Transmission Replacement Cost?

Every type of vehicle requires a different transmission, so naturally, the cost to replace a car transmission can differ from that of a truck transmission replacement.

Another factor to consider is whether or not your vehicle is worth replacing the transmission on, because older vehicles usually have a whole host of other problems either present, or on the way. When your transmission goes, other coming attractions are usually silently in the works.

An automatic transmission on a car can run from $3000 – $9000 on average.

However, with newer vehicles offering EV models, this can drastically change the cost to replace your car’s transmission. And only a professional mechanic like the experts at Mister Transmission can advise you of what the cost will be to replace it, and if it specifically needs a replacement, or simply a repair.

Is a Manual Transmission Cheaper to Fix than an Automatic?

No, because the main difference between an automatic transmission and a manual transmission is mainly the type of fluid used to lubricate it. However, depending on the experience of the person driving the manual transmission, repair or replacement could be needed prematurely due to inaccurate or improper shifting.

Grinding gears are the transmission’s arch nemesis. Anyone who has ever learned to drive a stick shift probably already knows how bad it is for your transmission, but also how awful it sounds! If your transmission is making terrible noises while shifting (or especially when not), it’s time to get it serviced at the very least.

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Is a Transmission Rebuild Better than a New One?

Regardless of whether or not you are replacing or repairing your transmission, you can expect to see a mechanic’s bill in the several thousand-dollar range. However, there are some advantages to getting your transmission rebuilt, instead of a straight replacement.

When you choose to rebuild a transmission instead of replacing it with a new one, you are choosing the cheaper route. The cost to rebuild a transmission is typically cheaper than buying a new one because they salvage good remaining parts to negate buying new ones.

Although many rebuilt transmissions come with a minimal warranty, your best bet is to get a new transmission in most cases. Rebuilding the transmission must be done by a professional, and there is always a chance that the transmission will fail again, and sooner than it normally would. Hence, why many mechanics that offer the rebuilding of your transmission also offer a limited warranty with it (usually up to a maximum of only one year).

Is It Cheaper to Buy a Used Transmission?

Buying a used transmission is an avenue that many people who own an older vehicle and are on a budget consider when their transmission dies. That’s because the sticker price is more reasonable, doable, and overall tempting. However, you must be VERY careful when replacing a bad transmission with a used one.

Finding a used transmission to replace your current one isn’t as easy as you might think.

You need someone who is very technically savvy with cars to help you do so. Also, finding a mechanic who will install a used transmission is extremely tough too.

Rebuilding a Transmission

Many local transmission shops will not install used parts for clients because there is an added liability that many of them don’t want to deal with. Furthermore, there isn’t any kind of warranty offered from a mechanic when you install a used transmission.

Some mechanics or transmission shops do have their own roster available to source out used vehicle parts, including transmissions. However, their warrant (if even offered) will also be very limited, and there is no guarantee that the transmission you are using to replace your current one won’t have the same issues.

How Can You Prolong the Life of Your Transmission?

There is a common misconception that some vehicles are just cheaply made and nothing you do will reduce the need to replace your transmission.

While this may be true in some cases (particularly if there are known recalls on that vehicle), there are things you can do to prolong the overall life of your transmission and reduce your repair costs.

Ways to Keep Your Transmission Healthy Are:

1.Change the Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF):

Changing Transmission Fluid

Changing your ATF at regular intervals is a great way to extend the life of your transmission. Make sure you have a professional mechanic do this for you either at your local dealership where you purchased the car, or at a mechanic.

Some vehicles do not require ATF replacement at all. While others may need it every specified number of kilometres.

2.Regular Transmission Servicing:

Usually, when you purchase a new vehicle from a dealership, their service department will notify you of when your vehicle needs a routine servicing. However, when you are driving an older vehicle, more often than not, it’s a guessing game.

Finding a reliable mechanic who can perform regular routine maintenance on your car is important. They will keep records of what has been done on your vehicle, and what needs to be done, including regular maintenance.

3.Avoid Overdriving Your Vehicle:

Another way to preserve your original transmission is by being as gentle with your acceleration and deceleration as possible. Now, when we say this, we don’t mean that you have to drive like a little old lady who is terrified to do anything above 40km/hr. What we mean is be mindful of how hard you push your vehicle, and in what conditions.


For instance, if you are driving up the Coquihalla during a cold winter’s day, you don’t want to have a lead foot. That can not only possibly cause an accident, but it can cause premature burnout of your vehicle’s transmission.

Also, you don’t want to have the pedal to the floor as soon as the light turns green because this puts excess wear and tear on not only your transmission, but your engine as well. Driving smart can save you the time and money of a failing transmission.

4. Use Your E-Brake When Parking:

setting your e-brake

Many of us have been taught only to use the E-brake when parking on hills. However, nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to employing good driving habits.

When you park your vehicle on even the slightest incline and don’t use your parking brake (e-brake), it puts excess pressure, weight, and overall stress on your parking pin and transmission’s linkage.

By using your parking brake regularly, you’ll find that you can prolong the life of your transmission. It is also a great way to preserve your brakes, and ensure that your vehicle is stopped securely, even when not on a distinct hill.

5. Allow Your Vehicle to Warm Up After Starting It:

Starting a car and then driving right away isn’t always a bad thing. But when it’s during the cold weather months and your vehicle is aging, it can advance your transmission’s aging process quite a bit.

Older vehicle’s engines and transmissions have considerably more wear and tear than newer ones. Plus, as a vehicle ages, friction tends to increase because of the additional wear. This is part of why many older vehicles burn or use more oil than normal.

If you want to prolong the life of your transmission, give your car a little extra attention in a few small ways, and it could make it go a lot further (literally).

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