Notice and Order in British Columbia (Box 1, 2 & 3)

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In British Columbia, there are certain rules, regulations, and even legislation that prevent vehicles that have major defects from being driven on government roadways. The same laws also apply to vehicles that excessively pollute the environment or put other road users at an increased risk in any way.

This is why agencies like the CSVE (Commerical Safety & Vehicle Enforcement), the RCMP, Peace Officers, and local Police departments are able to issue tickets to drivers who are behind the wheel of a questionable vehicle, but they are also able to issue a Notice and Order for vehicle inspection.

What Is a Notice and Order in BC?

This poses the next question that many of us don’t know until we are cited with a Notice and Order ticket… What is a Notice and Order? And what do the boxes that are specified on the order mean?

This blog post is here to help you answer those questions, along with where you can get your vehicle inspected, how long you have to comply with the Notice and Order, and what steps to take after being issued one.

What Is a Box 1 Notice and Order?

A Notice and Order is a lot like it sounds; a notice of an issue, and an order to rectify said issue. However, there are different boxes selected for each Notice and Order, and knowing what they mean is imperative to how it affects you and your vehicle.

A Box 1 Notice and Order is used primarily by the RCMP and local police departments. This order forces the owner or driver of the vehicle to take the car off the road immediately.

Furthermore, the vehicle must remain off of any public roadways until it has undergone a BC vehicle inspection at a designated inspection facility.

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There are many different circumstances in which an officer may implement a Box 1 Notice and Order to a driver. They may not always seem that serious, but if the order is given, you have no choice but to comply with it.

Reasons You May Get a Box 1 Notice & Order Include:

  • Driving a vehicle with inoperable headlights or taillights at night or in dark stormy weather
  • Driving a vehicle that does not have a back bumper, or has one that is severely damaged (or falling off)
  • Driving a vehicle with a noticeably rotten frame or parts that are visibly rotten and sagging
  • Driving a vehicle with excessive corrosion on the underbody, around the wheel wells, or around the front or back windshields
  • Driving a vehicle with noticeable brake noise with apparent difficulties stopping
  • Vehicles missing their doors (where the doors are not intended to be removable, unlike Jeeps)
  • Driving with a defective e-brake (this one is usually found when the owner parks on a hill and has to chock the tires with an object)

As you can see, there are many different reasons why a police officer may not only pull you over but issue you a Box 1 Notice and Order. There are many more instances as well because ultimately, the decision to pull you over and cite you is based off of the officer’s discretion.

If they feel that what you are driving or the way you are driving is unsafe for other road users, it is within their power to stop you and your vehicle from being on the road at any given moment.

What Is a Box 2 Notice and Order?

box 2 notice and order

A Box 2 Notice and Order is similar to a Box 1 Notice and Order except that the Box 2 Notice primarily applies to commercial vehicles.

This does not just mean commercial trucks like semi-trucks or dump trucks, but it also includes panel vans, cargo vans, 1-ton trucks, moving trucks of any kind, and various other vehicles used for work purposes.

Reasons You May Be Issued a Box 2 Notice & Order Include:

  • Driving with unsecured loads
  • Driving with an improperly attached transfer trailer
  • Dump trucks driving with a raised trailer
  • Poor equipment integrity
  • Driving unsafely
  • Taillights not working
  • Suspicious looking equipment (either how it is secured or not secured)
  • Using airbrakes where it is prohibited
  • Randomly selected by CSVE officer

One of the biggest differences between a Box 1 and Box 2 Notice is who generally issues it, and what type of vehicle it is applied to. Although many of the reasons that a notice is issued is the same, the type of vehicle and the severity of the violations due to what the vehicle is used for (Commercial use, etc) is what sets a Box 2 order apart from a Box 1.

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What is a Box 3 Notice and Order?

A Box 3 Notice and Order is similar to the other Notice and Orders that can be issued by authorities; however, it is more tailored to specific issues occurring on a vehicle.

For instance, if a vehicle is pulled over for a muffler that is dangling off of the car, a Box 3 Notice and Order would normally be issued.

It would specify what needs to be fixed (the muffler) and also specify when the repairs must be completed by. This is entirely at the discretion of the officer who is writing the order.

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Therefore, they can say that you must have repairs completed within 2 weeks, or 30 days, or by year end. Whichever they feel is reasonable based off of the type of repair or replacement that’s needed, as well as what the violation is.

To simplify the definitions of each Box Notice and Order, see the following:

Box 1: This order means that you must remove your vehicle from the roadway or highway until such a time that it complies with the Motor Vehicle Regulations & Standards Act.

Box 2: This order means that you must take your vehicle promptly to a designated inspection facility to determine whether or not your vehicle is compliant with the Motor Vehicle Regulations & Standards Act.

Box 3: This order means that you must repair or replace any deficient components or parts on the vehicle that have been outlined by the Notice and Order given to you upon roadside assessment or formal vehicle inspection.

What Can a Police Officer or CSVE Officer Pull You Over For in BC?

It’s never fun being pulled over on your way to or from work, but it seems particularly awful when you get pulled over while you are driving FOR work.

When driving is a part of your profession, you statistically spend more time on the road, which in turn means you are already more likely to be pulled over (or “selected”) for a vehicle inspection. However, if the vehicle you are driving is a little bit older or in semi-rough shape, it’s enough to prompt a Notice and Order for any officer.

Officers can pull you over and cite you for any violations relating to the following:

  • BC Motor Vehicle Act and Regulations
  • BC Commercial Transport Act and Regulations
  • BC Passenger Transportation Act and Regulations
  • BC Transport of Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations

It is the violation of any of these acts that causes many vehicles to become unworthy to be driven on BC roads. When Lower Mainland residents are faced with a massive repair bill on an older vehicle, they always turn to the scrap car removal services of More Cash For Scrap.

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