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For anyone who has ever had more than one child, you know that the best Mom mobile for shuttling around your children is a minivan. However, not all minivans are created equal. The Dodge Caravan is the most popular minivan in Chrysler’s history.

In 1984, Lee Iacocca introduced minivans to the automotive world behind the name of Dodge. Although Chrysler produced the vehicle, it was given the name of Dodge Caravan. This name would forever be known as the mainstay of minivan design everywhere.

While many other automakers would try to replicate the timeless design of the Dodge Caravan, none truly came close. Thus, leaving the Caravan to be North America’s favourite minivan of all time.

The Fourth Generation Dodge Caravan Begins Production

On July 24, 2000, the fourth generation of the Dodge Caravan began production to entire the automotive world. The Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram company had high hopes for this Mom mobile and boy did it live up to their expectations.

Although Chrysler is an American based company, the production of the Dodge Caravan began in Windsor, Ontario.

This was the very same plant where the first-generation Caravan was manufactured as well. So, you could almost say that automotive history was being reborn for the Dodge Caravan.


Less than a year later, the fourth gen Dodge Caravan hit the dealerships, and consumers couldn’t wait to get their hands on one. The 2001 Caravan & Chrysler Town & Country both had been in development since 1996.

What Made the Dodge Caravan So Popular?

Known as the minivan that started it all, the Dodge Caravan was essentially trying to outperform itself by surpassing the creature comforts and functionality of previous models. The new generation of North America’s favourite minivan got some much-needed upgrades with the release of the fourth gen model.


The minivan was given power sliding doors and hatch (optional, of course), and even outfitted with a fob that would allow consumers to open the doors with the push of a button. Perfect for busy families on the go, and parents with their hands full of groceries (or children). In addition to this, the van was also given a larger body frame, making more room for kids, cargo, or both.

It’s no wonder why so many Dodge Caravans have been so well loved over the years. Which is why we love to buy scrap Dodge Caravans, Chrysler Town & Country, and even older Plymouth Voyagers. They may not have much life left in them, but you can still get MORE cash for your scrap van by selling your car to us!

Most Common 2000’s Dodge Caravan Problems


Like anything, the Dodge Caravan, though extremely popular, came with its own share of problems. From engines seizing to immobilizer issues, to everything in between. In fact, the main reason people sell their scrap vans to us is directly because of some of the most common problems with Dodge Caravans. If any of the issues below look familiar, contact our team of scrap car removal specialists today to sell your Caravan for quick cash.

1.Transmission Failure

The first and foremost logged complaint by consumers when owning a Dodge Caravan from the early 2000’s was transmission failure. The vehicle was made to take a beating by children, but not run forever.

Back then, the average cost to replace the transmission was around $2,000. However, now, it’s roughly $4,000, making it not worth replacing if you’re currently still driving one. That’s why people typically choose to scrap their car when the transmission dies instead, and no one offers MORE cash for cars with failed transmissions than we do!

2.Engine Problems

When you hear the phrase “engine problems” almost anything could come to mind. The engine has so many different components that are essential to keeping your vehicle running and running well. Unfortunately for the Dodge Caravan, one of the biggest complaints about the engine was the serpentine belt going.

The serpentine belt, also known as the drive belt, has a history of falling off on these vehicles. Without the belt, your vehicle is undrivable, and it’s not a cheap repair bill. Another reason why so many Caravan owners sell their scrap Dodge Caravans to us.

3.Heating & Cooling Problems

So many complaints have been made about nearly all of the 200 – 2006 Dodge Caravans with regards to heating and cooling issues.

People found that the A/C would stop working very early on, and often times even resulted in leaks that would leak into the inside of their vehicle. Imagine climbing into your vehicle and finding a puddle on the floor in the middle of the two front seats. That’s exactly what many Caravan owners were faced with.

On top of that, they also had to have their air conditioning system replaced, and unless they opted for a warrant which covered this repair, they were left with a mechanic’s bill of between $600 – $1400. While A/C repairs ran generally inexpensive, the replacement costs were much more.

4. Braking System Issues

Some of the most common issues consumers have had with the Dodge Caravan are brake problems. Things like the antilock system (ABS), parking brake, master cylinder, calipers, rotors, pulsation or vibration when braking, squeaking, and complete brake failure due to rapid wear.

5.Vehicle Shuts Off Randomly While Driving

We’ve all encountered our vehicle stall unexpectedly at one point or another in our life. However, when it happens repeatedly, and all on the same vehicle within a short amount of time, there’s a problem. Which is exactly the case with the Dodge Caravans from the 2000’s.

Not only did consumers lose the ability to drive the vehicle forward, they also lost the power braking system and power steering at the same time. This prompted a recall from Chrysler, but many people’s vehicles were never repaired as they didn’t get the notice.

Can I Sell My Scrap Dodge Caravan?


Yes, you can! More Cash For Scrap buys more vehicles in ANY condition than any other scrap car removal company in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

If you have a Dodge Caravan from the 2000’s, or even newer or older, we are happy to offer you the most cash for it.

Simple call our team of scrap car removal specialists to find out what your vehicle could be worth!

What Determines the Price of My Scrap Caravan?

There are a number of factors that we consider when presenting our customers with an offer on their junk vehicles. Many scrappers consider only the weight of the vehicle, but More Cash For Scrap is different.

We factor in things like the number of kilometres it has on it, the overall condition, and whether or not it has been in a collision. Also, we consider what you’ve put into it in terms of enhancements.

Some people make modifications to their vehicle after they’ve purchased it, and we will sometimes consider this as well, depending on what was done.

Contact More Cash For Scrap for an Instant Cash Offer

If you are sick of staring at that old, beat-up Dodge Caravan that’s sitting in your driveway, or taking up valuable garage space, contact us today.

Provide our team of scrap car buyers with the make, model, year, condition, and kilometres (if you’re able to retrieve them). Then, provide us with the pick-up location, because sometimes your junk car isn’t parked at your home.

We’ll make you an instant cash offer right over the phone. If you accept the offer, we’ll dispatch our free towing service the very same day to come collect your car. If you need to book a specific date and time, we are always happy to accommodate you with that too.

Call Our Scrap Car Removal Specialists Today

If you’re still not sure about selling your scrap car for cash, call and talk to one of our team members. They can help you discern what your vehicle is worth, and why, and if now is the best time to scrap it. We look forward to hearing from you!

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