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Are you looking for an auto wrecker or scrap yard in Vancouver, BC ? Everyday we work with a variety of scrap yards and junk yards that help us to recycle the vehicles that we scrap for our customers. But that’s not all they do.

Scrap yards are an important part of Vancouver’s economy with over 50 of them operating in the region. They process and recycle materials that can be used to make other products or sold as parts.

What Does an Auto Wrecker Do?

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Auto wreckers are specialized auto recyclers who recycle scrap cars and trucks in a variety of forms. They do not recycle random metals or anything except automobiles, which is why many scrap car removal companies rely on them specifically.

Part of the auto wreckers job is to ensure that all of the harmful fluids, chemicals, and components of a scrap vehicle are recycled and disposed of in the safest way possible. This way, there is less toxic material that can be leaked into our ecosystem, and more of the cars and trucks that they scrap can be repurposed, reused, or recycled.

That’s why using a professional scrap car removal company like More Cash For Scrap is so important. You can scrap your car with independent scrappers, but there’s no guarantee that they are breaking down the vehicle in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

What Does a Scrap Yard Do?


Scrap yards are a vital part of helping to keep British Columbia green and clean, just the way we like it. However, unlike an auto wrecker, scrap yards do much more than just recycle scrap cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans.

Scrap yards play an important role recycling cars, appliances, valuable plastics, electronics, and metals for reuse. It is much cheaper for companies to create products using scrap or salvaged materials then by using new ones. Scrap yards make it possible and help to facilitate this process and reduce the overall waste globally.

When you scrap your car privately, typically this is done at an auto wrecker or scrap yard. Unfortunately, they don’t offer as much cash for scrap cars as we do, and they do not provide towing services. The ones that do, charge for towing, which greatly reduces how much cash for your scrap car you can get in the end.

What is the Difference Between a Salvage Yard and a Scrap Yard?

While both of these places offer car recycling services, they do so in a very different manner. A scrap yard is where many various items can be recycled, broken down, or disposed of. However, a salvage yards intent is to make reusable parts available to the general public. Thus, preventing them from ending up in local landfills.

A salvage yard is an open space or building where you can view all of the various scrap pieces. They could be cars, electronics, or appliances. Some yards will allow you to bring your own tools and take what you need off of complete or semi-complete structures.

Places like this are favoured by many DIY mechanics because they can get cheap parts that are specific to the vehicle or appliance that they are working on.

What Are The Most Valuable Recycled Materials?


One of the most common metals you can find around your home and one of the most highly sought after at the scrap yard. It is found in old old electrical appliances, pipes and wiring.


Anything that looks like gold, but isn’t is probably brass. It is found in old ornamental objects such as candlesticks, plates, trophies as well as brass fittings, door handles/knockers and old bed frames.


Scrap silver often ends up in jewelry stores. It is very valuable. If you have old jewelry, silverware, medals, or antique vases, you could make some easy money buy converting your silver scrap into cash.


Aluminum is one of the most versatile and easy metals to recycle. If can be found in cans, packaging, electronics, car parts and bike frames.

Stainless Steel

Different grades of stainless steel scrap will have different values based on the other valuable metals within it such as nickel. Stainless steel is in appliances and kitchen equipment as well as some automotive parts and machinery.


Gold is about as precious as it gets. Gold is usually found in jewelry, old coins, electronics an antique items.


An extremely profitable metal when recycled if it is of pure source. It is highly toxic to process. Lead can also be very difficult to transport as lead items tend to be very heavy. Nonetheless, scrap lead is usually in high demand and therefore worth the effort it.

Scrap Yard Locations

There are scrap yards located in almost every city in the Metro Vancouver region. These junk yards include:

North Shore Recycling Companies

Vancouver Scrap Yards

Richmond Scrap Yards

Squamish Scrap Yards

Burnaby Scrap Yards

Port Coquitlam Scrap Yards

New Westminster Scrap Yards

Abbotsford Scrap Yards

Maple Ridge Scrap Yards

Mission Scrap Yards

Langley Scrap Yards

Surrey Scrap Yards

Chilliwack Scrap Yards

Why Are We Better than Vancouver Auto Wreckers?

Scrap Car Removal Services

We offer MORE cash for scrap cars, trucks, SUVS, and vans than any of the local auto wreckers in Vancouver. And while they may offer you a fair price on your junk vehicle, they don’t generally provide towing, and the ones that do will charge you an arm and a leg for it. Just having your vehicle towed to the local scrap yard, auto wreckers, or salvage yard alone would eat up any money that they offered you.

Call our scrap car removal team today and find out why we are the smarter way to scrap your car for cash in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. We provide same day junk car removal, free towing from anywhere in the Lower Mainland, and we always pay MORE cash for scrap cars than the other guys!

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