Scrap Car Removal Central Coquitlam

scrap car removal Central Coquitlam

If you’ve been staring at a junk car that’s taking up space in your driveway because it doesn’t run, isn’t insured, and has mechanical issues, perhaps it’s time to consider the scrap car removal services of More Cash For Scrap.

Since 2005, we’ve been Central Coquitlam’s favourite scrap car buyer. That’s because we always offer MORE cash for scrap cars than any other junk car removal company in the Tri-City area.

Plus, we provide free junk vehicle towing, exceptional customer service, and same day scrap car removal from anywhere in the Lower Mainland, not just in Coquitlam.

Central Coquitlam Scrap Car Buyers

No other scrap car removal company can offer MORE cash for scrap cars than we can. This is a product of many years of buying scrap cars for cash and building strong working relationships across the Coquitlam communities.

We work with local metal recycling companies like our friends at West Coast Metal Recycling to get the best price for your scrap car. Something they would NEVER offer to the general public. That’s because we are a well respected business, who brings them a lot of business.

However, when you do as much business as we do, and have been buying scrap cars for cash as long as we have, they go the extra mile to help us help our customers. Just one more reason to choose the scrap car removal services of More Cash For Scrap!

Cash for Scrap Cars in Coquitlam, BC

With so many different scrap car removal companies operating throughout the Lower Mainland, how can you be sure which one is the best? For starters, you want one that offers MORE than all the rest, and we don’t mean just MORE cash for scrap cars.

What We Offer:

  • Same day scrap car removal
  • Free car removal and disposal
  • Roadside vehicle removal after an accident or breakdown
  • Free junk car towing
  • A reliable, professional, and prompt junk car buying service
  • MORE cash for scrap cars than any other scrap car buyers in Central Coquitlam!

Even if you’ve lost the registration, lost the keys, or your vehicle doesn’t have wheels, we’ll buy it and tow it away for free. All while paying MORE cash for cars than any other Coquitlam scrap car removal company.

Coquitlam Car Removal and Disposal Services

scrap my car coquitlam

When we say that we provide free junk car towing from anywhere in the Lower Mainland, we mean that. We don’t reduce our offer based on where your vehicle is located or when you need/want it to be removed. We simply provide a clean-cut service while paying MORE cash for scrap cars than the other guys.

If your vehicle died in the Douglas College parking lot, and has been sitting there ever since, we’ll collect it. If you crashed into a tree while coming down from the Westwood Plateau on an icy winter’s day, we’ll come pick it up. And even if you forgot to set your e-brake and your car rolled part way into Como Lake, we’ll make every effort to “fish” your car out of there.

Whatever you’re scrapping, whatever the reason, wherever it is, we’ve got you covered. Talk to our scrap car removal team today to find out how much your vehicle is worth.

How Much Cash Can I Get for My Scrap Car?

When it comes to paying cash for scrap cars in Coquitlam, every vehicle has a different and unique value. This is because we base our offers on MORE than simply its overall metal weight.

We also consider things like its general resale value, the condition it is in, and any rare or after-market components that your vehicle has on it that could increase its value.

Provide our team with the make, model, year, condition, and location of your vehicle. Also, let us know about any little details that could be pertinent to paying you the true value of your car. Our scrap car buyers will make you an instant cash offer on your car right over the phone.

What Kind of Vehicles Do We Buy?

Honestly; anything and everything. No matter what condition it’s in, we’ll buy it. No matter how old it is, we’ll pay you cash for it. If you think you can’t sell your scrap car for cash in Central Coquitlam, think again!

We Are Always Looking to Buy:

  • Junk cars with mechanical issues
  • Scrap vehicles with electrical problems
  • Unwanted cars and trucks with collision damage
  • ICBC write-offs
  • Older vehicles with REALLY high kilometres
  • Damaged vehicles
  • Vehicles with rust, mold, and mildew
  • Vehicles with interior damage from fires or floods
  • ANY unwanted vehicle for ANY reason!

If you want to scrap your car for MORE cash than what others have offered you, scrap your car with More Cash For Scrap. Coquitlam’s favourite scrap car removal company since 2005.

Contact Our Scrap Car Removal Specialists Today

Once you provide the details of your car to us over the phone, we’ll present you with an instant cash offer right then and there. If you accept our offer, we’ll dispatch our free junk car towing service to come collect your car that day.

This can also be done on a specific day and time if you prefer. Our tow truck driver will load your vehicle onto our truck, then pay you cash in hand before leaving.

From start to finish, the entire process can take place in as little as 10 minutes. It’s really that simple to get rid of your junk car, truck, SUV, or van for the most cash today!


If you want the best scrap car removal experience with MORE cash for scrap cars than you’ve been offered, you want More Cash For Scrap!