Cash for Scrap Cars in Queensborough

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If you’ve been thinking about scrapping an old car for cash in Queensborough, think More Cash For Scrap. We always offer MORE cash for scrap cars than any other local scrap car removal company in New Westminster.

Not only do we make the process of scrapping a car quick and easy, but we also provide free towing and same day junk car removal services. So, you can call us and have your junk car sold within the hour.

If you want to get MORE cash for scrap cars in Queensborough, and sell your junk car today, call More Cash For Scrap. We provide free towing from anywhere in the Lower Mainland, and we always pay MORE!

Scrap Car Removal in New Westminster, BC

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When you think of scrap car removal, you probably think the only cars a junk car buyer like More Cash For Scrap would buy are rusted-out, broken-down, old jalopies that have spent years sitting in someone’s driveway. However, we buy MORE scrap cars than just older vehicles that have been parked for a long time.

We also pay MORE cash for scrap cars that have major collision damage, mechanical issues, electrical problems, or out-of-province vehicles that have failed inspection. In fact, we buy MORE scrap vehicles in any condition than any other the other junk car removal companies in New Westminster.

Sell Your Car for MORE Cash in Queensborough

We offer a prompt and professional scrap car removal service throughout the entire Lower Mainland, not just in New Westminster. And we do this while always offering MORE cash for scrap cars than any of our competitors. Plus, we go the extra mile for our customers.

What We Offer:

  • Instant cash offers on ALL scrap vehicles over the phone or by text
  • Same day auto scrap pickup
  • Free scrap car removal services
  • Roadside vehicle removal after an accident or breakdown
  • Eco-friendly car recycling
  • Prompt, professional, and reliable junk car removal
  • MORE cash for scrap cars than the other guys!

We buy junk vehicles that are from out of the province, out of the country, with or without the catalytic converter, and that have extensive collision damage. No matter what you’re scrapping, or why you want to scrap it, we’ll buy it and always pay MORE! Call or text our team of scrap car buyers today.

New Westminster Free Auto Scrap Pickup

When it comes to recycling cars for MORE cash, no one does it better than we do. We are truly experts at scrap car removal because we’ve been scrapping cars in New Westminster since 2005.

Surrey Scrap Car Buyers

We genuinely take pride in what we do, and it shows. We firmly believe that you get out what you put in to something.

That’s why we give it our all when we recycle, repurpose, or reuse cars or their parts.

We do this by working with local scrap metal recycling companies to help give back to the local economy, while reducing waste. Basically, it’s keeping MORE of your vehicle out of the landfill and it helps to give back to local businesses. This is part of how we are able to pay MORE cash for scrap cars in Queensborough!

Queensborough Junk Car Removal

We pride ourselves on paying MORE cash for scrap cars than any other scrap car removal company in New Westminster. Plus, we know that it will help you make money, but also get rid of that scrap vehicle that’s taking up space in your driveway, garage, or even on your lawn.

Some of the benefits of scrapping a car for cash in Queensborough are:

  • You can free up space in your driveway, garage, or yard and improve the appearance of your property
  • You can avoid the hassle of selling or repairing a car that is not worth fixing or keeping
  • You can help the environment by reducing waste and pollution from old cars that may leak fluids or emit harmful gases
  • You can get paid instantly in cash for your scrap car, no matter what condition it is in, what model it is, or how old it is
  • You can enjoy a fast and convenient service that includes free towing and pickup of your scrap car from anywhere in the Lower Mainland

If you still aren’t convinced that scrapping your car for cash with More Cash For Scrap is the best solution for you, give us a call. We can explain what we offer and why, so that you know that you are truly getting offered MORE!

How Much Cash Can I Get for My Junk Car?

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Every vehicle has a different value because every vehicle is in a different state when it comes to us. That’s why we get the details of the vehicle you’re scrapping right off the bat over the phone with you.

First, provide us with the make, model, year, and condition of your junk car. Then, let us know where it is (sometimes a vehicle isn’t kept at your home). Then, we’ll make you an instant cash offer on it right on the spot.

If you accept our offer, we’ll dispatch our free towing service to come collect your car that very same day. Once our driver arrives, he will load up your vehicle, then pay you cash in hand before leaving. It’s that simple!

Contact Our Scrap Car Removal Specialists Today


All it takes to get that scrap car out of your life and MORE cash in your pocket is a simple call, text, or email. You can even reach out to one of our dedicated scrap car buyers through any of our social media platforms.

Once you make contact with us, we can have your scrap car picked up whenever is best for you. Our scrap car buyers work 7 days a week from 7:00 AM-11:00 PM, and even operate on most statutory holidays. Our truck, your schedule!

Call our scrap car removal specialists today to get MORE cash for your scrap car, and free up some driveway space. You’ll be glad you did!