Scrap Car Removal in Alta Lake, Whistler


Are you tired of staring at that junk car in your driveway in Alta Lake, Whistler? Is it a project car that you never got around to working on? Or perhaps it’s a commuter car that is finally on its way out. Whatever the case, More Cash For Scrap is your scrap car removal solution!

We offer MORE cash for scrap cars in Whistler, we provide free towing services and same day scrap car removal. However, we can also book our car removal around your schedule if you prefer a specific day and time.

MORE Cash for Scrap Cars in Whistler, BC

No one pays MORE cash for scrap cars than More Cash For Scrap. Since 2005, we’ve been the leaders in junk car buying because we always go the extra mile to make our customers feel like they are more than just a number. We do this by not only paying TOP CASH for cars, but by offering MORE services.

What We Offer:

  • Instant cash offers on ALL junk cars, trucks, SUV’s, vans, and buses
  • Same day scrap car removal
  • Free scrap car towing services
  • A professional, reliable, and trusted local scrap car buyer
  • Exceptional customer service
  • We handle the paperwork
  • MORE cash for scrap cars in Whistler, BC

We even buy out-of-province vehicles and vehicles from out of the country. No matter where it’s from, no matter what condition it’s in, we’ll buy it and always offer MORE cash for scrap cars than anyone else in Alta Lake.

Recycle Your Car for Cash in Alta Lake, Whistler


If you want reliable, environmentally friendly car recycling in Whistler, we are the ones to talk to. No one knows more about scrapping cars for cash than More Cash For Scrap. As such, we only work with other great professionals when we choose who will help us recycle our cars for cash.

We live and work in the Whistler area, so we also care about keeping it beautiful. That’s why we use local metal recycling companies who help us to recycle cars in the most eco-friendly way possible. That way, less of your car ends up in the actual landfill, and MORE cash ends up in your pocket.

What Type of Scrap Cars Do We Buy?

We buy vehicles of any make and model, and in absolutely any condition. Even if your car is a total write-off from ICBC, or has exceptionally high kilometres, we’ll pay you MORE cash for your junk vehicle.

We Are Always Looking to Buy:

  • Scrap cars, trucks, SUVs, vans (including campervans), and buses
  • Vehicles with collision damage
  • ICBC write-offs
  • Vehicles with fire or flood damage
  • Vehicles with major interior damage from pets, rodents, leaks, mold, and mildew
  • Work trucks and vans with high kilometres & wear and tear from overuse
  • Damaged 4×4 vehicles
  • Vehicles with mechanical problems or electrical issues
  • Vehicles with paint damage, body damage, or extensive rust
  • ANY unwanted vehicle for ANY reason!

We buy cars from all walks of life, with all different kinds of history. People always have their own unique reason for selling a car for cash, and we are here to help with that, whatever your reason.

Free Scrap Car Removal & Same Day Towing

Maybe you spent the weekend with friends up at Alta Lake in your campervan, but it finally bit the big one. After a weekend of fun, you get set to drive home and your van starts having issues. Major issues. Upon turning the key in the ignition, your vehicle starts smoking. Sadly enough, the head gasket you thought was going, just went.


That’s when you can turn to the free scrap car towing services of More Cash For Scrap. We provide same day towing services from anywhere in the lower mainland, including Alta Lake, Whistler. So, even if your campervan dies up at the lake, we’ll tow it away for free and pay you MORE cash for it than any other scrap car removal company in Alta Lake and all of Whistler.

Contact Our Scrap Car Removal Team Today!

All it takes to get an INSTANT cash offer on your scrap car, truck, SUV, or van is a quick call or text to our team of scrap car removal specialists. Provide us with the make, model, year, and condition of your car.

Then, provide us with the pickup location. We’ll arrange for our free scrap car towing service to come collect your car, wherever it is parked. Our tow truck driver will pay you cash in hand before leaving with your vehicle. It’s that simple!

Call or text our team today to find out firsthand why we have been the #1 scrap car removal company in Whistler since 2005.