5 Signs That Your Timing Belt is Going

signs that car timing belt is going

There are many different makes and models of vehicles, and many different constructions of engines and all the components within it. The one thing that remains the same though throughout automobile design is the timing belt or timing chain. Even since the introduction of the internal combustion engine, the timing belt and timing chain is still a constant across every vehicle design in the world. This is why it’s so catastrophic when it decides to go unexpectedly. It’s such a vital part of our engine, and when the timing belt fails, it usually takes some of the valves with it. This typically results in repairs costing thousands of dollars, depending on the make, model, and year of the vehicle.

Why are Timing Belt Issues So Expensive to Repair?

To answer this question, you need to firsts as why the timing belt is so important, and what does it do. So, how does a timing belt work exactly? Good question. The function of a timing belt or chain is ultimately to synchronize many different components within your vehicle’s engine, but mainly the camshaft and crankshaft. The crankshaft is the part of the engine that moves the pistons up and down, and the camshaft is the part that operates vital valves in your engine which are responsible for letting gas and air in and out. Hence why the timing chain is so important, because its sole purpose is to make sure that these components are working in perfect harmony. When they aren’t, trouble is just around the corner.

The Timing Belt Failure Symptoms

Here are the 5 signs that you’re on your way to having some serious engine troubles and a massive mechanics bill right along with it. So, keep an eye out, and if you notice any of these tell-tale signs, you may want to scrap your car for cash and get a new one before it becomes completely undrivable.

    1. Your Engine is Misfiring – A timing chain is a lot like a bicycle chain because it is comprised of metal links. This moves around other components, thus making it prone to wear and tear. When the chain has experienced much wear and tear and hasn’t been replaced before it goes, that’s when it can affect your vehicles timing, which causes your engine to misfire. This results in added engine wear, poor performance, slower than normal acceleration, and even poor gas mileage. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may want to take your car to a mechanic to see if you can still save it. If not, you can scrap your car with us for cash, and use that cash to help get you into something newer.
    2. Your Check Engine Light is on – There are lots of reasons that your check engine light may come on, but if you happen to notice that your vehicle is not performing the way it normally does, and notice any hesitation while accelerating, there’s a very good chance that it’s the timing chain sending out a warning that it needs replacing. At the very least, you should get your vehicle looked at by a mechanic to find out if it’s going or if something else is wrong with your vehicle. Nobody likes surprises when it comes to engine trouble, but a simple fix is always much better than replacing an entire engine, or scrapping your car because you didn’t get it looked at sooner.
    3. Metal Shavings in Your Oil – This is a very big sign that things are functioning right within your car’s engine. You should be getting an oil change every 3 months or 5000kms, so if you do regularly maintain your vehicle, and your mechanic notices metal shavings in your oil, that’s a pretty big sign that components in your engine are wearing down. This happens because the longer your engine runs, the warmer it gets, and this promotes metal to wear down over time on things like the links of the timing chain. That’s why if you’ve got shavings in your oil after your next oil change, you may want to think about replacing the timing chain, or trading up into a newer car and scrapping the old one.
    4. The Engine Rattles While Idling – As vehicles get older, they tend to each acquire their own set of quirks. Some, it’s in the way that they accelerate or brake. Others, it’s how the sway when you turn to the right or left, and others just make weird noises. But if the noises you are hearing resembles a rattle, or is getting louder and louder when you drive, it could be a very good indication that the timing chain is on its way out, and starting to take some of engine components with it. When the engine starts making rattling noises caused by the timing chain, it means something is loose and is about to cause some pretty major damage. Either get it to a mechanic asap, or scrap it for cash to a professional scrap car buy like More Cash For Scrap.
    5. Your Vehicle Won’t Start – This symptom can be a sign of many various issues with your engine, but if you’ve been experiencing any other of the above signs that you’re timing belt has failed, then that’s more than likely what it is. If the timing chain has snapped, it is impossible for the vehicle to start. And if it snaps while driving, your car will stop, the engine will shut off, and the pistons will be destroyed by contact with the valves. This is a catastrophic engine issue that would be thousands of dollars to repair. If your car won’t start, or is running very roughly, get it into a skilled mechanic for an assessment.

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