BC Scrap-It Program

When the people of the Lower Mainland consider scrapping a car, many people have or will consider the British Columbia Scrap-It program. This is because this particular program is designed to get older vehicles off the road, and to provide incentives and rebates towards the purchase of a new hybrid or fully electric vehicle. As part of BC’s go-green initiative, the government put this program into place to help promote the purchase of non-gasoline vehicles, while also reducing waste that ends up in our landfills by recycling the scrapped vehicles.

What is the BC Scrap-It Program

It’s a great program that helps the average consumer get themselves into a new and more fuel-efficient vehicle. However, the prerequisite list for scrapping a vehicle with the Scrap-It program is quite limiting for the general public. From having to bring your vehicle to them, to needing to have the car recently insured, makes it difficult for people to get rid of an older vehicle, especially one that doesn’t run anymore and hasn’t been insured for years.

That’s where More Cash For Scrap comes in. We don’t discriminate when it comes to junk cars. We make a living on helping people “scrap it” when it comes to older and broken-down vehicles, and we take great pride in paying MORE cash for junk cars while we do it.

Why People Choose Us Over the BC Scrap-It Program

There are many reasons why someone may want to send their car to the junkyard; extensive body damage, engine problems, bent frame, or was written off by ICBC. Whatever the case, if you are truly considering moving up into a newer hybrid or fully electric vehicle, you may want to consider selling your scrap car to More Cash For Scrap instead. Why? Because we don’t put limitations on what we’re willing to accept when you want your car going to the scrap car junkyard.

Rules with the BC Scrap-It Program

1. Vehicles Must Be Insured for 6 Months Previous:

Your vehicle MUST have been insured for at least 6 months prior to scrapping it with their program. That’s a tough one for a lot of people because when they have a vehicle that’s not drivable, who wants to pay for insurance on something that isn’t being driven and doesn’t have a whole lot of value left in it? Nobody. That’s why we offer free towing on all our scrap car removal services.

2. You Must Bring the Vehicle to Them:

When you are scrapping a junk car through the Scrap-It program, you have to drop the vehicle off to them yourself at one of their approved vehicle drop-off locations. This is ONLY after meeting all the other prerequisites to scrap a car through their program. In the Lower Mainland, the only approved locations are in Surrey and Richmond. That makes it extremely costly to have a vehicle towed from somewhere out in the Fraser Valley all the way out to Surrey. Considering the fact that you’re the one footing the bill for the tow, you aren’t getting as much of a rebate as you think on the purchase of a new electric vehicle. That’s another reason many people choose our scrap car removal services over any other business or incentive program; because we pay for CASH for cars, and we provide a free towing service from anywhere in Metro Vancouver or the Fraser Valley.

3. You Must Have the Registration:

When people are scrapping a junk car, they often don’t have the original paperwork. When you write a car off in your mind, you kind of write it off all together typically. This is where using the Scrap-It program wouldn’t work for you if you’ve lost the paperwork. More Cash For Scrap however buys junk cars even if you don’t have the paperwork. As long as you have ID, we can take care of the rest. If you want cash for scrap cars, we are the better choice if you don’t have the registration to the vehicle you are scrapping.

4. The Owner of the Vehicle Must Be Present:

Let’s say you live in Chilliwack, and you are wanting to scrap your junk car through the Scrap-It program. Not only would you have to be the owner of the vehicle, and have the original registration papers, and have the car dropped off to their approved location in Surrey or Richmond, YOU would also have to be present at the time of drop off. You can’t even just have your junk car towed to their car scrapyard, you actually have to drive all the way out there to give them the car, and then drive all the way back; while gas is at an all-time high of almost $2.50 a liter…. Ouch. So, you’re out the cost to have it towed to their car scrapyard, and the cost of a round trip in gas. That’s a few hundred bucks easily that you’re shelling out to have your junk car scrapped. OR, you could call us and have your scrap car removal done for free by our free towing service, and we’ll pay you cash, instead of you forking out the dough. Our scrap car removal services are the smart choice; it’s kind of a no-brainer.

5. The Rebates Can Only Be Used by the Registered Owner:

So, you’ve scrapped your junk car through the Scrap-It program, and are planning on buying a new electric or hybrid vehicle (BEV or PHEV). However, the car you are purchasing isn’t for you, it’s for your daughter who is heading off to college; you can’t register the new vehicle to her. If you are using a rebate that you received from the Scrap-It program on a new BEV or PHEV, it has to be registered to ONLY you. You can list someone else as the principal driver, but the vehicle has to be put in your name. On top of that, the rebates aren’t as substantial as you might think, as this program is not a government funded program and is non-profit, so they don’t offer all that much towards the purchase of a new electric vehicle. Most junk cars only procure a rebate of $100 or $200, and you’ll likely spend more than that on towing costs and driving to their scrapyard and home again. The more economical choice is More Cash For Scrap. Depending on the vehicle, your junk car can earn you more cash than the rebate you’re being offered, and we provide a free towing service anywhere in the lower mainland.

6. You Cannot Scrap a Hybrid Vehicle with Their Program:

If you are currently driving a first-generation hybrid vehicle, or have one sitting in your driveway that has major mechanical issues, or severe body damage, you won’t be able to scrap it through their program. The only vehicles that qualify for their program are gasoline. Fortunately, we buy scrap hybrid vehicles of any make, model, and condition for cash. That’s right, we pay cash for scrap cars, and cash for scrap hybrids too.

7. New Hybrid Purchases Can Only Be Done at Participating Dealerships:

So, if there weren’t enough rules for you yet, when it comes time to buy your new BEV or PHEV, you can only do it with participating dealerships that are partnered with the Scrap-It program. Meaning, you have limited options for what you can buy and where, and you can bet the prices offered from the dealership are probably not the best. When you sell your junk car for cash to us, we’ll pay you MORE cash than the Scrap-It program would offer you through a rebate, and you’re free to buy a new vehicle of your choosing from anywhere you like. Not to mention that many other government funded rebates are available throughout Canada, so you really aren’t losing out when you choose to sell your car for cash to us instead of scrapping it through the Scrap-It program.

8. Vehicles Must be from BC Only:

If you’ve recently driven a beater car from Alberta to British Columbia and are now wanting to scrap it for cash towards a new electric vehicle (or a rebate for one) you can forget about that if you are considering the Scrap-It program. They do not buy junk cars from out of province. It’s a good thing that junk car buyers like us are around and pay cash for scrap cars without limitations. If you have a vehicle that you want to scrap, we’ll buy it, even if it’s from another province. AND we’ll pay you MORE cash for it than anyone else!

More Cash For Scrap Is the Smart Choice for Selling a Scrap Car!

After reading all of the do’s and don’t’s of the Scrap-It program, you’re probably scratching your head and asking yourself, “why would I scrap my car with them instead of More Cash For Scrap?”. Exactly! Why would you want to get a mediocre rebate on a car that you can only buy at certain dealerships, after meeting many requirements, and after spending hundreds of dollars to get transported?! When you choose us, you can get MORE cash for your scrap car and have the freedom to buy what you want, where you want it, how you want it, and not even have to pay for the scrap car removal itself because our towing service is free. Make the smart choice and choose us for all of your scrap car removal needs.

Contact Us Today to Get an Instant CASH Offer

If you live anywhere in Metro Vancouver or the Fraser Valley, we’ve got your scrap car removal covered. All we need from you are a few basic details about the vehicle you’re wanting to scrap for cash; the make, model, year, condition, kilometers, and location. Once we have these, we can make you a free and instant cash offer on your junk car. Then, we’ll arrange a day and time for the scrap car pick-up, and often times it can be done the same day and even within the hour. Our tow truck driver will pick up your junk car, then pay you in cash before leaving with your vehicle. Sounds pretty easy, huh? That’s because it is. We believe that scrapping a car should be a quick and easy process, and that’s why we’ve been the #1 junk car buyer in Vancouver and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. Contact us today to find out how much cash you can get paid for selling your scrap car to us.

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