Scrap Removal for 4 x 4’s, Trucks, & SUVs

Canadians are famous not only for our great manners, but for owning 4×4’s, SUV’s, and trucks. It’s not just the harsh winters, or ever-changing climate that drive us these vehicles. It’s the natural beauty all around us, especially here in British Columbia. We are not only blessed with exquisite lakes and rivers; we’ve also got the most amazing mountain ranges all around us. Whether you’re driving the Coquihalla in the middle of November, or traversing the winding roads in Manning Park, a 4×4 is the only thing that will get you through it.



We don’t just love SUVs, trucks, and 4×4’s because they get us to where we need to go though, we love them for what they can do when they are put to the test. People spend weekends up at Stave Falls in Mission, pushing the limits of what their vehicle can do, while rock crawling the creek bed around Stave Lake. If you’re part of the BC Jeep Club or the 4 Runner Group, you have most definitely attempted one of the ATV courses all around the outskirts of Whonnock, and NOT while on an ATV. Some of us are more daring than both of these things combined by attempting to do straight vertical climbs. Whatever it is you do, you’re more than likely well versed in vehicle repairs. But when it gets to a point where nothing is like it once was, and it just can’t handle the same punishment as before, maybe it’s time to trade up into a newer 4×4.


We Buy Scrap Cars, Trucks, SUVs and Crossovers

So, what do you do with the old one? It’s endured its fair share of bumps, rolls, and grinds, and nobody is going to want an off-road vehicle that can’t actually off road. That’s when it’s time to call us. We take all makes and models of 4×4 vehicles, and you’d be surprised what companies make them.

Companies that produce 4×4 vehicles in Canada:











Range Rover

Land Rover








We pay cash for any models of the above vehicles, and we buy them in any condition. So, if you’ve flipped it on the trails so many times that you don’t know which way is up anymore, we’ll buy it. If you’ve lost a wheel or two or three, we’ve got you covered. And if the engine is so caked with mud that it hasn’t started in over a year, we’ll still give you cash for it.


#1 In Scrap Car Removal in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley

We service all of Metro Vancouver and parts of the Fraser Valley, so call or text us today to find out what your scrap 4×4 could be worth. We usually do same day pick up, we always pay in cash, and the whole process can take as little as 15 minutes from start to finish. It doesn’t get any easier than that. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get rid of that junk vehicle!

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