Scrap Tires Used for Community Projects Across Vancouver

How scrap tires are recycled in Vancouver

If you’ve ever scrapped a car, you know that after the keys have switched hands, it’s no longer your problem. But have you ever wondered what happens to a junk car after you sell it to a scrap car removal company? Or thought about how much of it might have ended up in the landfill instead of being recycled?

Surprisingly enough, the majority of scrap cars don’t end up in the landfill. Only approximately 8-12% of each vehicle that gets scrapped ends up in the landfill. The rest goes to a car scrapyard where much of the vehicle gets recycled or repurposed. This is especially true in the Vancouver area where the BC Tire Stewardship has kept over 14,000 used tires out of the landfill, and put it back into the community with a practical purpose.

Recycling Cars for Cash Gives Back to the Local Economy

When you choose to recycle your junk vehicle, whether it’s through a private scrapper, a car scrapyard, or a licensed and professional scrap car removal company like More Cash For Scrap, you’re choosing to give back to the community you live in, even if you didn’t know it. When vehicles get properly disposed of at the end of their life, many of their valuable components are repurposed or recycled, which helps to lower greenhouse gas emissions because it uses much less resources to recycle metal, than it does to produce it.

The same can be said for tires. In light of the past few years where BC has had excessive heat waves during the summer, and many forest fires as a result, local community centers, playgrounds, daycares, and even public schools have opted to line their playgrounds with rubber, instead of the typical bark mulch. Gravel and pebbles were previously used an alternative, but resulted in more playground injuries due to children throwing rocks at each other, as well as losing their footing in the unstable rock base and twisting their ankles.

Recycled Rubber from Scrap Cars Makes Safer Playgrounds

recycling scrap used tires for playgrounds

That’s where the BC Tire Stewardship program stepped in. So far, 13 different local organizations in and around Vancouver are slated to get some of the recycled rubber from the 14,928 scrap car tires that were sourced from around the province. For Vancouver alone, the Bayview Community School, the Simon Fraser Elementary School, and the Aberthau Playground Park are all receiving the recycled rubber for much needed playground and walkway upgrades.

For all other BC organizations receiving the scrap car tires, they will also be used for walkways, parks, playgrounds, and many other places where the community gathers in large groups. It helps reduce the number of minor community fires that are caused from discarded cigarette butts during the summer months, and helps increase the amount of preventable playground injuries for our little ones. The new non-slip surfaces created by the recycled tires is better on the whole for everyone in the community.

Scrap Car Removal is Better for the Environment

recycling tires is good for the environment

When you think about scrapping a junk car, you probably just thin about how to get it out of your driveway in the quickest way possible. But when you make the choice to have a professional scrap car removal company be the ones to take it away, you’re making a choice that’s better for the environment overall.

Older vehicles aren’t just an eyesore when they are sitting outside on your property for years on end; they are extremely bad for the environment, the ecosystem, and even for pets. Just like any vehicle, fluids beginning to leak can happen with normal wear and tear, but when you’ve got a much older vehicle, or one with really high kilometers on it, it can leak a lot. Now leave it in your driveway for a few months or a few years, and you’ve got several empty reservoirs and a lot of poisonous chemicals all over the ground. This harms the ecosystem because insects initially see it as water, and are then trapped in the fluid or poisoned by it. The same goes for our pets. They see liquid, and are either thirsty or curious about it and the next thing you know, you’ve got a $1000+ vet bill, if not worse.

Why More Cash For Scrap is the Smart Choice for Scrapping Junk Cars

Choosing a licensed and professional scrap car removal company like us is the quickest, easiest, and safest way to have a scrap car picked up in Metro Vancouver. You can give yourself peace of mind knowing that the vehicle you are disposing of, is being done so in the most environmentally friendly way possible. That’s why we work with trusted local metal recycling companies like our friends at Davis Trading who care about keeping Vancouver clean and green the same way we do. These guys are the pros when it comes to making sure that the metal we give them is recycled to the max, and that the chemicals within the vehicles we’re scrapping are disposed of properly.

Junk Vehicles We’re ALWAYS Looking to Buy:

  • Vehicles with paint damage or body damage
  • Vehicles with interior damage from fires, floods, rodents, pets, etc
  • Vehicles that have been in an accident
  • ICBC write-offs
  • Vehicles with any kind of mechanical issue
  • Work vans and trucks including panel vans and 1-ton trucks
  • Campervans in ANY condition
  • Vehicles with or without the catalytic converter
  • Vehicles with or without wheels
  • Vehicles with or without keys
  • Vehicles with or without registration!

Don’t scrap your car with just any old scrapper with a phone number, because you don’t know where your vehicle might end up! Do you want to be part of the problem, or part of the solution? Make the decision that helps reduce carbon footprints and protects Vancouver’s delicate ecosystem and call More Cash For Scrap to have your scrap car removal done today.

Contact Us Today for an Instant CASH Offer on Your Junk Vehicle

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All it takes is a simple call or text to get the ball rolling. We just need a few simple details about the vehicle you’re scrapping; make, model, year, kilometers (if you can still get them), condition, and location. Then our friendly and helpful scrap car buyers will make you an instant cash offer on your junk car. If you accept, they’ll dispatch a tow truck the same day, sometimes it can even be to your home within minutes. Then, our driver will load up your vehicle, and pay you in cash before leaving. It’s really that easy! Call us today to find out just how much cash your junk car can get you.

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