Catalytic Converter Failure – The Top Signs & Symptoms

top signs catalytic converter failing

For those who aren’t familiar, the catalytic converter is a very vital component of any vehicles exhaust system. Its primary responsibility is to turn harmful gas pollutants into less harmful emissions before they leave the vehicle’s exhaust system. This helps reduce gas emissions which in turn helps reduce air pollution. This is why it became mandatory to have a catalytic converter installed on every vehicle in 1975.

This year there has been a major rise in catalytic converter theft across Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. This is because they are not only an expensive component of your engines exhaust system that thieves can sell for big bucks, it’s because they contain various precious metals that local metal recyclers pay cash for. While the provincial government is trying it’s best to curb, and ultimately, stop the rash of catalytic converter thefts, they can only do so much.

Cash for Scrap Cars Without Catalytic Converters in Vancouver

What if your catalytic converter wasn’t stolen? What if it was failing? Would you even know that it was without taking it to a local trusted mechanic like our friends at Newton Auto Care in Surrey, BC? Probably not. That’s why we’ve compiled this simple list of tell-tale signs that you may need to replace your catalytic converter. If it’s time to replace it, but the vehicle isn’t worth the cost to replace it, you can sell it to us for cash! We buy scrap cars with or without a catalytic converter, and even if it’s failing, we’ll still pay you MORE cash for it than any other local junk car buyer in Surrey.

How Do You Know if Your Catalytic Converter Needs Replacing?

Many people don’t know what to look for when it comes to distinguishing if their catalytic converter needs replacing or not. The majority of the time, catalytic converters last the life of the vehicle. However, if you’re driving a vehicle that is 15-20 years old or more, it could definitely be on the list of things to replace. Below is a list of the top 5 signs your vehicle needs a new catalytic converter. If you’re noticing any of the listed symptoms, it may be time to scrap your car for cash if it’s a 2007 or older. More cash for scrap pays MORE cash for scrap cars than anyone else in the scrap car removal industry. So, call us if you think it’s time to sell!

  1. Check Engine Light: This could mean a whole host of things, so don’t panic if you’re driving around with your check engine light on (and maybe have been for quite a while). You’ll notice some other key symptoms that go along with your check engine light, and failing that, you can get yourself a cheap code reader off the internet (or most automotive supply shops) and check what error code it’s throwing. If you’re not tech savvy, just pop by our local automotive shop and as them to find out what code is popping up so that you know your next steps. You may want to replace your catalytic converter, or you may just want to throw in the towel and call us to do your scrap car removal for cash.
  2. Poor or Worsening Engine Performance: If you’ve recently noticed that your vehicle seems a little slower on the uptake than normal, it could be because of some exhaust issues. When your catalytic converter is on its way out, it doesn’t get rid of emissions and exhaust as efficiently as it normally does. Not only that, if any of its internal parts have broken down, there could be broken pieces inside of it that are causing backpressure from reduced airflow. This makes your vehicle run sluggish and after a while, it becomes fairly noticeable.
  3. Poor or Worsening Gas Mileage: The cost of gas these days is at an all-time high here in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Many people feel like they are burning through fuel faster than usual, when in reality, they are just much more aware of their fuel consumption because it’s hitting their wallet much harder than it used to. However, if you notice a very distinct difference in how many kilometers you get on a full tank of gas, that could be a warning sign that your catalytic converter is on its way out.
  4. A Rattling Noise Coming from Under Your Vehicle: When your catalytic converter’s internal structures start to break down, piece of it break off inside and around the converter as you drive. This creates a very noticeable rattling noise from the undercarriage of your vehicle, so if you’ve been experiencing a rattling noise, it could be telling you to replace your catalytic converter. If you decide it’s far too expensive to fix, you can sell your car to More Cash For Scrap and we’ll pay you cash on the spot for your junk car.
  5. A Pungent Sulfur Smell: Hydrogen sulfide can be smelled even in low concentrations, which is why a broken catalytic converter is often associated with a rotten egg or sulfur type smell. Hydrogen sulfide is a naturally-occurring compound in petroleum products and can cause a very strong odor in gasoline. When a catalytic converter fails, it is unable to break apart this (or any other) compound which is what creates the strong smell that you may notice straight away. If you’re smelling sulfur, it may be time to scrap your car for cash, or risk the expensive of replacing your catalytic converter.

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If you’re one of the unlucky people to have had your catalytic converter stolen on an older vehicle, or simply have a scrap car that you want to get rid of for cash, call or text us today to get a free and instant cash offer for scrapping your junk car. We offer free towing services on all scrap car removals, same day vehicle pick-up from anywhere in the Lower Mainland, and we always pay MORE than anyone else in the industry! Contact us 24/7 to find out just how much your junk vehicle could be worth. You just might be surprised by how much cash we pay for scrap cars in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

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