Why is There Water on the Floor of My Car?

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It’s been a wetter than average winter this past year (even for the Lower Mainland), and many people are experiencing a whole host of water-related issues with their vehicles.

From pooling water on the floorboards to dripping headliners and excess moisture on the inside of their windows, many Vancouverites and Fraser Valley residents are asking where the water is coming from inside their car, and how can they stop it?

Luckily for our loyal readers, this blog post is all about identifying what causes water to get inside of your vehicle, what the most likely culprits are, and how to fix it.

Where is the Water Coming from in My Car?

As accustomed to heavy rainfall as many Vancouverites are, we are somehow always taken by surprise when our vehicles succumb to any of the adverse weather conditions that we so often endure.

Despite the fact that it should be expected that at some point or another, as our vehicles age, water will become a problem in some form or another. This is particularly true with aging vehicles, vehicles with any sort of damage to them (or in them), and vehicles that spend a lot of time outdoors.

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Some of the Most Common Causes of Water on the Interior of Your Car are:

  • Leaky sunroof
  • Poorly installed windshield
  • Damaged seals around windows
  • Cracked windshields or windows
  • Damaged weather stripping around doors, windows, and the trunk
  • A hole in your floorboards
  • Leaking A/C system
  • Drainage issues
  • Coolant leaks

Different issues have different symptoms, so knowing what is causing the water to get inside of your car is pivotal in fixing or replacing whatever the malfunctioning part(s) is.

What Causes a Leaky Sunroof?

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Without a doubt, anyone who has owned a vehicle with a sunroof has at one point or another experienced a leaking sunroof. However, the fact that water is dripping inside your car doesn’t always lead to a clear indication of what exactly is causing the leak.

When there are no visible cracks, it can be tough to discern the root cause. Although we can’t diagnose your vehicle for you through a blog post, here is a list of the most common causes of leaking sunroofs.

1.Poor/improper installation of the sunroof

Some vehicles are more prone to having sunroof leaks than others. This is typically because of a flaw in the manufacturer’s installation or overall construction of the sunroof. Older BMWs are one of the worst vehicles for having sunroof leaks. Despite the fact that they are generally well-made vehicles, their sunroofs, however, are not so much.

In fact, we see many BMWs with interior mould, mildew, and even rust that was caused by a leaking sunroof. If you have a vehicle of any make, model, and year that has been damaged by a leaking sunroof, give our team of scrap car buyers call. We always pay MORE cash for scrap cars with leaky interiors and sunroofs!

2. Clog Drainage

Every sunroof has a drainage system to allow water to be drawn away from the interior of your car. Some have 2 points, some have 4, and they are usually located around the corners of your sunroof.

When these drainage areas get clogged with dirt, leaves, mildew, or debris, the water starts to pool in an area where it shouldn’t, allowing water to then leak into your vehicle. And while the cost to repair a sunroof isn’t always particularly expensive, the cost to repair other damage that a leaking sunroof creates could be huge.

Interior mould, mildew, and rust is difficult to remove, and can often take more than a simple cleaning, depending on the extent of it. As a professional scrap car removal company, this is one of the things we see the most in Metro Vancouver vehicles.

3.Cracks in the Sunroof

Though it is less common to experience an actual crack in the sunroof, it does happen. Usually this is caused by an extreme change in temperature, falling debris that lands on the sunroof itself, or simply age.

Older vehicles have a higher risk of getting cracks in their sunroofs because as a vehicle ages, different components can become brittle, like the sunroof. This is more like for vehicles that are parked outside or spend a lot of time being driven in a rainy climate, such as Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

What Causes Condensation on the Inside of a Car?


Another drawback to living in a beautiful city like Vancouver is that while we do get our fair share of gorgeous sunshine, it doesn’t always come with warm weather. Sometimes we get sunshine for 5 days straight, but it’s -10 degrees Celsius outside during those 5 days…

When colder weather hits us, like the most recent dump of snow we experienced just last week (even though it’s already one week into the month of March), condensation is another thing that can cause water to show up inside our vehicles.

If you notice water starting to form on the inside of your windows or windshield, this could be due to a number of factors.

Possible causes for interior wetness on your windows include:

  • Missing weather stripping
  • Damaged weather stripping
  • Improperly installed, aging, or damaged seals
  • A leak in your trunk (when your trunk is wet, it makes it difficult for your vehicle to maintain dryness in the cabin as well, which causes condensation)
  • Wet seats due to roof leaks or window leaks
  • Water that is trapped under floor mats or seats

Having a leak anywhere in your vehicle is typically not a good thing when you live in Metro Vancouver or the Fraser Valley. We experience some of the most extreme conditions on any given day, and sometimes we experience multiple weather systems all in one day. Identifying and resolving leaks is important for maintaining the life of your vehicle.

What Causes Your A/C in a Car to Leak?

It is normal for there to be some water dripping underneath your vehicle after using the A/C for long periods of time, especially in hot weather. Condensation forms when the outside hot air connects with the cold A/C unit, and naturally, the water drips. However, if you notice water inside your vehicle due to an A/C leak, there could be several reasons why this is happening.

Reasons Your A/C Is Leaking:

  • Blocked condensate drain
  • Faulty seals
  • Clogged evaporator drain
  • Damaged evaporator coil
  • Low refrigerant
  • Blocked air filters
  • Malfunctioning evaporator
  • Age and moisture
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We buy so many vehicles with mechanical issues, including malfunctioning and leaking A/C units.

Cash for Cars with Mechanical Problems

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While recharging your air conditioning periodically is a good idea, especially with the notoriously hot summers we have been having in BC the past few years, the cost to repair an entire air conditioning system can be huge.

This is probably why so many Lower Mainland residents utilize our scrap car removal services to sell off their older vehicles when they need to replace the A/C system. At More Cash For Scrap, we always pay MORE cash for scrap cars.

We don’t care if your car needs a new air conditioning system, has major leaks, severe mould, mildew, or rust, we’ll offer you MORE cash for it than the other guys! We always pay MORE!

Why is My Car Wet Inside?

We’ve already covered several reasons for water to show up randomly on the inside of your vehicle. Although they are some of the most common reasons, the #1 reason why your car is wet inside is due to damaged weather stripping.

Statistically, this happens primarily with older vehicles. No wonder your grandfather’s car always smelled like mildew, right? Because it WAS mildew! And this was likely due to the fact that the weather stripping around the windows and doors was failing because of the age of his vehicle.

Weather stripping wears down over time and can get damaged more easily as a vehicle ages. This is because the more time a vehicle spends in the elements, the more brittle its components become, including the weather stripping and seals.

How to Tell If Your Car’s Weather Stripping Has Gone Bad

It’s funny how all the little repairs our older cars need just seem to sneak up on us, even though the signs are right there in front of us day after day. Nonetheless, if you aren’t sure that your vehicle needs new weather stripping, here is a list of signs and symptoms to watch for.

If you are experiencing any combination of the below symptoms, your car may need new weather stripping.

  • Leaks
  • Interior condensation
  • Louder than normal road noise
  • Feeling drafts inside your car, even with the heat on
  • Noticeable cracks, holes, or splitting on the rubber
  • The stripping has become hard or brittle, instead of the usual bouncy rubber
  • Your vehicle is 15 years or older with the original weather stripping

If you think your vehicle is starting to experience weather stripping issues, get it checked out at your local mechanic. It may be time to scrap your car for MORE cash with us, and get into something new!

How to Fix Weather Stripping on a Car Door

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If you’re looking to circumvent the cost of replacing all your weather stripping with an older car, one way to minimize the cost, if nothing else, is by doing it yourself.

While we usually recommend taking your vehicle to a professional mechanic like the talented people at All Care Car Repair & Detail, sometimes it’s not always cost effective or even possible.

For those who wish to attempt a weather-stripping repair on their own, follow the steps below.

  • Pull the weather stripping away from the door.
  • Clean the weather stripping and the metal surface with brake cleaner.
  • Let it dry completely.
  • Squeeze a bead of weather-strip adhesive onto the weather stripping and the door.
  • Let it dry, then apply a second coat to both surfaces.
  • Press the new weather stripping into place.

You can also watch a video on how to do this HERE

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Although many scrap cars we buy have interior damage due to moisture getting in through damaged windows, doors, seals, etc, we buy our fair share of flood damaged vehicles as well.

For many Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley residents, navigating flood waters becomes an annual thing.


From atmospheric rivers that decimate hundreds of acres of farmland in Abbotsford, to freak mudslides that make driving anywhere on the North Shore a scary feat.

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